We're having a BOY*!!!

Am I the only one who has trouble interpreting ultrasound pictures? They are harder than optical illusions. The only part of the ultrasound that was crystal clear to me were his man parts.

He is the cutest fetus** ever!!!! We are excited for November 29!

*Fetus and baby bump pictures will never be posted on this blog. Sorry to disappoint. 
**That is, if you think that Gollum from The Lord of the Rings is cute.


Utah and Summer celebrations

Utah weather stinks sometimes. It has been particularly stinky this year. I think we only had 3 sunny days in May.

On Memorial Day, it was snowy/rainy so we had a BBQ inside with Spencer's family and played intense games like this:

By July 4th, I thought the weather would be better. It was, so we went to Bear Lake. I wanted to show Spencer Bloomington Lake where I visited most summers of my childhood. It is a beautiful hike to a beautiful lake where you can swing off an awesome rope swing into water so freezing that your brain goes numb and you almost forget how to swim. Who wouldn't want to try that?

It's supposed to look like this:

But due to the consistent cold and snowy weather this winter and spring, it looked like this:

We hiked for a mile in swimsuits in at least 3 feet of snow on what we thought was the trail. But then we found the trail head so we gave up. No rope swing this year.

We went back to Bear Lake, rented beach cruisers, and got raspberry shakes instead.

Then we went to West Point for a BBQ and fireworks with Spencer's family.

And that is how we do summer in Utah.