More beach!

We took a last minute beach trip this weekend with our friends to Florida. After three whole weeks into the school year, it was obviously a much needed vacation. :) We went to the swimming pools, played at the parks, and caught frogs at 6 am when everyone else was still sleeping and rode bikes, ate delicious food, hit the beach, and hung out at the house during normal vacation waking hours. We love living close to the beach and we love awesome friends who invite us to go with them!
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IMG 6615 zpsb5ad18aa
IMG 6570 zps8a7006a9
IMG 6604 zpsbf347eca
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LOST and other important things

So I'm not sure if I've even mentioned before on this blog how much I love the TV show, LOST... I LOVE LOST!!! I love it a lot. Spencer and I finished the series again this weekend and I don't know why people hate the ending so much. I bawled like a baby the whole time because I just love the characters and themes (and maybe because I am pregnant and emotional?). We would like to name our children after Lost characters but we are really struggling with a LOST boy name. Spencer doesn't like Hugo Sayid Hall or Mr. Echo Hall, so hopefully we'll have a girl which will save us a whole lot of trouble.

Also, I thought now would be an appropriate time to reveal what Annie Wirthlin, the freshman at Utah State, did on her weekends since she only went on a total of 4.5 dates in Logan that school year. I have no clue why...
Lost2 zpse79e474b
 Lost zpseb4b4990
 Lost3 zps0e58adbf
 Lost4 zps5e9df23b

Moving on to less serious things... I bought a baby hiking backpack at a consignment sale last week! I only had to repeat 35 times in my head bedbugs don't hide in hiking backpacks, bedbugs don't hide in hiking backpacks, bedbugs don't hide in hiking backpacks before purchasing it. We are going to my favorite place this weekend to try it out and I am very excited about it.
 IMG 6553 zps8fd27698
 IMG 6552 zps0a041bf3
I love using my child to get free stuff. We resurfaced Jack's halloween costume that is size 6 months for Dress Like a Pirate Day at Krispy Kreme for the free dozen donuts. Don't look too close or you will see that it was too small to button up in the diaper area.
 IMG 6555 zps408d0b46
 IMG 6561 zpsdba1d3de
 IMG 6566 zps12d0717d

My brother in Arizona earned his free donuts too!
Pirate zpsa4a2480e


Things I'm Loving

  • My 24th birthday, which was last Friday. We got a babysitter, went to P.F. Chang's, played ping pong, and my friends even gave me a gift card to get a pedicure! It was the perfect accidental Asian themed birthday and my favorite birthday as an adult so far. (Maybe that was because it was so similar to my 15th ping pong/swimming birthday party?!? hahaha) I am grateful for my amazing friends and family who made it extra special this year. I had a slight ping pong hangover the next day and woke up at 3 am as stiff as a rock. (I think that is because 4 1/2 month pregnant women should not sprint then dive to get a ping pong ball while playing around the world. When I asked Spencer if my dive looked amazing or like a 4 1/2 month pregnant lady falling really hard he chose not to answer... rude!)
  • My grandparent's late bday gift that came yesterday... it is a knock off Gucci purse/backpack/diaperbag that they got from Beijing years ago. (See what I mean by accidental Asian themed birthday?!) I am super excited about it so I decided to model it on my blog. This picture will count as my 20 week baby bump photo, okay?
IMG 6548 zps4f67ed7a
  • Our 20 week ultrasound where we found out that we are having a... BABY!!! Our gender revealing party will be in January/February when I deliver the baby which means you are not invited to the party because that would be awkward. 
  • This amazing, well articulated blog post - On Respect On Responsibility and Mrs. Hall's Open Letter to Teenage Girls - in response to this blog post, which I did not like. Since I already vented about the post on fb I will not vent here and only say that I think that Kristen nailed it. 
  • Jack, who has been waking up at 7:15 for the past three mornings! I truly am praying that 7:15 is his new 6 am (knock on wood) because he has never slept until 7 in his entire life and I feel like a new woman with that extra hour of sleep! I am also loving that he says "OH MAN!" instead of "Amen" after we pray and that he helped me make biscuits on Sunday morning even though they turned out horrible. I also am loving that I basically did a whole "baby milestone" post in one bullet point because I never do "baby milestone" posts. I am so sneaky. 
IMG 6534 zps40df7b7d
  • Story time at the library that started up again now that summer is over! I recognize that it is sad that I live for story time and zoo days, but such is life. 
  • This inspiring blog post, We Must See Past What it Seems, which made me think of this incredible video: 

I pray that I will treat people more gently, love more, and judge less, because that is what I hope people will do for me :)


Things I'm Loving

(I am not loving the fact that our internet has been going in and out for the last week or so which is why I haven't blogged for a bit)
  • Spencer's last first day of school picture EVER!!!
IMG 6533 zps2a906c02
  • Jack's new closed mouth smile. I think he is very good at smiling with his eyes.
Jack zps6d88f250
  • The stand up fan (our apartment is incredibly hot) and the Outback Steakhouse gift card that Krissy gave to us as a "thank you" when she went home. Somehow I convinced her that I was the one doing her a favor for letting her fly all the way across the country with a crazy toddler to come entertain me for a week :)
  • My new hobby (but mostly Spencer's). Spencer convinced me to buy Walmart paint sets and start painting. I HATE creative activities like this but I managed to not have an anxiety attack while painting thanks to youtube tutorials. 
Paint zps9e0b20cb

This is the part of the post where I am not going to be humble at all because I think we both did an excellent job for never painting before. These were our first four paintings.  Spencer did the ones on the top (without youtube) and I did the one's on the bottom (with youtube). I think I am going to convert my blog into a painting blog now, fyi.
IMG 6432 zps69607afc

This is my favorite one of Spencer's:
 IMG 6524 zps9b1f5a99
And my favorite one of Jack's:
IMG 6423 zps01abe5c4
Yep, we're getting all crafty and creative over here. I might even log onto pinterest one of these days... but probably never.