What's Up Wednesday

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Today, I’m linking up with ShayShaefer and Mel for What’s Up Wednesday!
What we're eating this week: 
Quitting meal planning was the best thing that ever happened to me :) I think I've said this for the last year of "What's Up Wednesday" posts but Spencer tries to be dairy free and grain free so there aren't a lot of options as far as meals go except super simple and I love it. I also love that Spencer enjoys cooking so he comes home from work and he usually is the one who makes us all dinner. (And then I clean it all up.) I hate cooking and Spencer hates dishes so this system works great for us :) You all need to get yourself a Spencer ;)
Spencer made his mom's rib recipe on Sunday and they were soooo yummy! 
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 David as been on a cherry kick lately!
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What I'm reminiscing about:
Newborn Kate - I can't believe she's four months old already!
NewbornKate 2
Her trick of the month is sitting up and sleeping with her bum in the air :)
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What I'm loving: 
Arizona sunsets!
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And Spencer! I don't gush about him much on my blog because I hate being cheesy but I just really really love him!  This weekend I was out of commission with a work training and other stuff and he made taking care of our kids look easy. He made the kids a huge breakfast, took them swimming, went grocery shopping, kept Kate alive all day with bottles, made cookies, and made a fort all before dinner time. (He really is Debbie Hall's child and would make a better "homemaker" than me! haha) So Spencer - if you ever read this, I LOVE YOU!!! (Who I am kidding, you will never read this ;)
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What we've been up to:
Nothing too exciting - I'm enjoying being back into a school routine and I'm loving my six hours a week where I'm Jack and David free :)
David loves preschool and I love that his teacher posts weekly updates on FB so I can see what he's up to. It's hard to understand what goes on at school from a three-year-old's perspective! haha
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I loved everyone's eclipse posts last week. Jack loved learning about the eclipse at school and I loved this picture my mom texted me of she and my grandparents! hahaFullsizeoutput ec48
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What I'm dreading:
Kate pooping! It's going to be bad because the poor girl hasn't pooped in NINE days (which I hear is okay for breastfed babies) but she's got a tummy ache and is sooo fussy! We are going in for her 4 month check up today so hopefully the Dr. can help. #glamorousmomlife
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What I'm working on:
Still working on fixing my blog after photobucket held my pictures ransom. (I used them for a 3rd party host for a couple of years). I'm fixing it (which is going to take literally hundreds of hours) and then planning on printing out a hard copy of my blog as soon as it's fixed because I don't want to lose all of these years of documentation again! I ordered a book of all of my blog posts from 2011-2012 using Into Real Pages (I felt like it was kind of risky because there weren't a lot of reviews) so I'm hoping it turns out as good as it looks on their website! 
What I'm excited about:
My new exercise routine! After giving running in Arizona a solid two-month chance, I realized that it was sucking all of the fun out of exercise for me. I hate the heat and how flat and boring running is here (I was spoiled with such beautiful trails in Utah, Alabama, and Iowa) so I switched things up last month and I'm so much happier! I run twice a week, bike once a week, swim once a week, and go to yoga once or twice a week and it has been so much more enjoyable! I think I'm going to work towards a triathlon this spring and bail on my half marathon I was planning on racing this November.
What I'm watching:
I finished Friends last month and so Grey's Anatomy is my new nursing/running on the treadmill/folding clothes show :)
What I'm reading:
Still nothing since I had Kate #readingfail
What I've been listening to:
Haters gonna hate but we are loving Taylor's new single! And it's free with Amazon Prime Music!

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What I'm wearing: 
This question is always hard for me because I do not update my wardrobe monthly :) Still the same old summer clothes :)
What I'm doing this weekend: 
One of my best friends is visiting from out of state so we're planning a girl's night!
What I'm looking forward to next month:
My birthday!


4 months, preschool, dinosaur poop, and pink turtles

Kate is 4 months today! We love our sweet little girl. She is the easiest and happiest baby!
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David started school this week! I'm not sure who was more excited for him to start school, him or me! haha He loves it and was so ready to start!
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His preschool is close to the house I grew up in and when we were early one day (not sure how! haha) I drove them by my old house :)
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 They also started a little basketball skills class at the rec center.
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This Friday, Jack had show and tell at school and was soooooo excited. He had been counting down the days for over a week and going back and forth on what to bring. He decided on fossilized dinosaur poop that he got from his friend from a birthday last year! hahaha I couldn't talk him out of it. #boymom
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We went to see Guardians of the Galaxy at the dollar theater and Jack and David LOVED it. I'm not sure how an Alien superhero movie with a racoon and a root as characters got so popular. Actually I do. #chrispratt
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Speaking of weird movie plots, I saw this movie description on Netflix and thought it would be perfect for the game "Balderdash!" haha
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David has had this pink turtle since he was one. My mom bought it for him when we went to an aquarium and we could not for the life of us convince him to get a different colored turtle. He slept with the turtle for over a year and it has resurfaced when Kate was born. His turtle's name is "Sparkles" and he takes care of Sparkles like I take care of Kate. It goes with him on outings and sleeps with him most nights and I love this sweet little quirk about my hardcore superhero-loving boy :)
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He's also been enjoying playing "family" with his neighbor friend while the big brothers are at school :)
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One moment he's loving on Sparkles and playing "family" and the next moment he looks like this! haha
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Jack and David have requested these peanut butter cookies every night this week, and Spencer has made them every night! haha They are gluten free and dairy free (if you don't add chocolate chips) but don't let that description scare you away! They are my favorite peanut butter cookies by far!
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Things I'm loving

  • Sunday walks - not my favorite in August, but none of us do well cooped up inside all Sunday :)
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We are getting anxious for the weather to cool down and we still probably have at least two more months before that happens!
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  • My blogging buddy
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And a couple of extra pictures of her because I can't stop.
(please ignore my sweaty body and messy bathroom;)
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  • Play dates with our neighbors
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  • Costco trips and the new Swig that opened up right next to Costco!
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  • Jack's drawings. Usually they are always of turtles, but he said this one was a bunny with it's baby and with eggs inside it's tummy. (so obvious, right?! haha) When I told him that bunny's don't lay eggs he was shocked! haha
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  • Trips to the Science Museum (That is actually a lie. Museums are probably one of my least favorite things ever, but we have free passes until December, and Jack and David love museums, and it's really hot outside so our free indoor activity options are limited)
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My friend from high school was there again and this time she was dissecting a shark! Jack thinks I am so much cooler now that he knows I'm friends with a real scientist ;)
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Kate must feel the same way I do about museums ;)
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  • Oprah's new podcast! I love it so far and loved that Brene Brown was on her first two episodes. Brene read her parenting manifesto on the podcast at the end and I forgot how much I loved it!
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