What's Up Wednesday

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I’m linking up with ShayShaefer and Mel again the last Wednesday of the month for What’s Up Wednesday!
What I'm excited about:
Baby Hall #3 coming in April! I love this picture of Jack and David's reaction when we told them.
We are all sooooo excited!!!
I have been so sick this pregnancy (the first pregnancy where I've thrown up and for about 8 weeks I threw up at least once a day). I'm almost 15 weeks now and luckily the throwing up is more sporatic, but I still get nauseous throughout the day. Since I wasn't really sick with Jack or David, I find this throwing up business an unnecessary part of pregnancy! haha But seriously, being sick for almost 70 days in a row has made life feel pretty unmanageable at times! Props to all you mamas who get sick every pregnancy!
What we're eating this week: 
Whatever Spencer is willing to make ;) I don't brag much about Spencer on this blog, but he has been my life saver these last few months. He has done all the grocery shopping, cooking, and kitchen and bathroom cleaning. I'm so lucky he's mine!!! 

I actually did the grocery shopping this week though and I'm hoping I'll be able to start cooking more meals without getting sick. We have exceeded our eating out budget by far too much these last couple of months!!!
What I'm reminiscing about:
This picture of us in Chicago (while poor Spencer was in conference meetings missing out on all of the Chicago fun) from one year ago showed up on my FB newsfeed earlier this month and it made me want to go again! (So that's exactly what we did!)
IMG 6451
What we've been up to
Spencer had a conference in Boston this year instead of Chicago like last year, so while he was gone, my friend Lisa and I decided to go to Chicago for a day! We started the day at the Lincoln Park Zoo. We have gone to this zoo so many times now that even Jack has the place memorized but my kids still LOVE IT! They love all zoos, but this one is extra cool :) We had fun showing it to our friends who had never been before.
Jack wanted me to take pictures of him with all of the alligators :)
After the zoo, I got in a little over my head and thought it would be a good idea to walk 3 miles south to a cool park I've really been wanting to take my kids. Big cities give me the biggest adrenaline rush and it was the first day in forever where I wasn't feeling nauseous so I was on a huge happy high and was not thinking rationally :) We made it to the top of the Magnificent Mile with 1.5 miles still to go and decided to call it. Instead, we played at the American Girl Doll Store, the Lego Store, and got cupcakes at Sprinkles. I'd say that's a pretty good back up plan :)
 After cupcakes, we miraculously walked by a taxi van (I have never seen one in Chicago before! Taxi vans are God's gift to mothers who don't know when to quit :) and we were able to all fit in the taxi back to our car by the zoo.
What I'm loving: 
  • My new niece Ashley Jo! (Named after my mother-in-law Debra Jo). We can't wait to meet her! 
  • Teaching David swimming lessons. Usually, you have to be three to start swimming lessons but the front desk made an exception since I am the teacher :) David calls me "Miss Annie" during lessons and it cracks me up :) I don't think any of the other kids know that he's my son.

  • More fall activities. Last weekend, we went to a fall festival that was completely free! Free bounce house, face painting, pumpkin walk, crafts, and the cutest petting zoo with so many baby animals.
 When we got home, they immediately wanted to paint the pumpkins that they won at the pumpkin walk :)
  •  Packages from my mom! She found a bunch of old Halloween costumes and sent them to us!
  • A very very early surprise Christmas present from Spencer! He got me a massage table! He gave it to me early because he knew that I would want lots of massages when I am pregnant but he wanted me to be able to use it and lay on my belly for a few massages before I got too big. Spencer really is the best. Jack even got to try out the massage table :)
IMG 6439
  •  More trips to our local zoo while it is free this month!
  • I mentioned this in an earlier post, but my sweet mother-in-law was given a devastating diagnosed of ALS earlier this month. While that is obviously not something any of us are loving, the love and support that has been given to her and our family in the last few weeks has been amazing. The sweetest article was written about her here, and Fox13 did a little clip on her yesterday. She deserves all of the prayers, love, praise, and support and we are so glad that she is getting so much recognition and praise for the life that she leads. We feel so grateful that we will be able to make some lasting memories with her over Christmas as she checks a few things off of her "bucket list." I love this picture of S
What I'm dreading:
This little boy turning 5 next month. I took this picture earlier this week and I can't believe how big he looks! He's supposed to stay my baby!!!
Also, our friends that are moving to West Virginia this month! Kathryn has been my running buddy for the last year and a half and it's going to be so sad being running buddy-less again! 
What I'm working on:
As I type this, I am working up the motivation to get out of bed and go down the kitchen to attempt to make dinner :)
What I'm watching/reading:
We joined the bandwagon and started and finished watching Stranger Things. We liked it a lot! I also started watching This is Us and LOVE IT!!!
I read All The Light We Cannot See this month. My grandma gave this to me for my birthday over two years ago (when David deprived me of sleep and I didn't read much) and I finally got around to reading it. I loved it!
IMG 6037
What I've been listening to:
Just the radio :)

What I'm wearing: 
As I type this, I am in a cozy sweatshirt and sitting in bed while Jack plays the Ipad. David was so cozy that he passed out :) (Please excuse my messy closet ;)
BUT I did remember to take an "outfit" selfie on a day that actually I got ready :) I'm loving my military jacket that I got for my birthday.
What I'm doing this weekend: 
Trunk or treating at our church and going to the Halloween Parade!
What I'm looking forward to next month:
Thanksgiving and Jack's birthday. We have some fun plans for Thanksgiving this year!!!
Bonus Question: What is your favorite Halloween memory/picture/tradition?
I don't have a favorite memory/picture/tradition but I sure love doing Halloween with my kids. Kids make holidays so much more fun!
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Show and Tell Tuesday (on Sunday night) - Quirks Edition

I had every intention of linking up with Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesday last week but I totally spaced. Better late than never I guess :) This Tuesday they shared the quirks and little things that make us "us". Without further ado...

I sign the alphabet with my right hand ALL THE TIME. 
However, it's so subtle that it just looks like my thumb, pointer, and middle finger are nervously twitching. I took ASL for three years in high school, and today, I couldn't have a conversation in ASL to save my life. So all I got from three years of sign language is this weird alphabet signing twitch :) I always sign when I run or when I am sitting (like at church or watching TV) but I don't even realize I'm doing it. Sometimes when we're going to sleep Spencer will tell me to stop signing on his arm and I have a friend who always calls me out on it whenever I see her. (I'm talking to you, Krissy!) Those are the times I actually notice it. Someone has to call me out on it.

When I wash myself in the shower, I wash my entire body with the suds from the bar soap except my elbows. When I wash my elbows, I directly apply the bar soap to my elbows. 
I seriously didn't even know that I did this until I starting typing this post and asked Spencer what my quirks were! haha! I have no idea why I do this.

I can't fall asleep at night without wearing pants.
My bare legs cannot touch each other while I'm sleeping. So even if it is dang hot, I HAVE to wear pajama pants to bed. Shorts won't work.

I can't fall asleep at night without a fan blowing directly at my face.
Even if it is freezing cold, a fan must be blowing in my face.

I could talk for HOURS about these three random/weird topics: 
1. Pornography (harmful effects of pornography, recovery from pornography addiction/habits, protecting kids from pornography, sex trafficking)
2. Polygamy
3. And to balance out those two heavier topics.... Disney World and Disneyland :)

I never spend time on Pinterest.
I may have mentioned this a time or one hundred on this blog but that place is a place of anxiety and guilt and stress for me!!! I don't understand how people spend so much time on Pinterest and love it so much??? And I don't mean that in a condescending way at all! I spend/waste plenty of time using other social media but I just don't get that Pinterest place! haha

My therapies are running and blogging
I wish I enjoyed cooking, cleaning, and crafting more but I just hate those things. The only way my house gets clean is if I am talking on the phone to my mom or a friend or listening to a podcast. Cleaning in silence is just not worth it :)

I am not a movie watcher
I have a lot of problems with movies. One, they are too big of a time commitment compared to a TV show. Two, too many of them are cheesy/lame and I criticize them the entire time and wish I hadn't wasted my time watching it when it's over. (I blame my mother for my high movie standards.) And three, the movies that aren't too cheesy are too complicated and I end up asking way too many questions which annoys people :) 


Friday Favorites

Today, I'm linking up with NarciErika and Andrea for Friday Favorites!
  • My sweet mother-in-law is definitely a favorite. On Monday, she received a shocking and devastating heath diagnosis of ALS/Lou Gehrig's Disease. This week has been rough for all of us. We've been thinking of her, praying for her, and mourning with her. We love her so much and hope that she and my father-in-law feel God's strength and grace and hand in their lives during this difficult time.
IMG 4225
  • This:
IMG 6279
 Jack has been a trinket hoarder his entire life (I started noticing it when he was one). He attaches to an object for a few days (carries it everywhere and sleeps by it) then moves on to another object. These objects look like junk to most people, but to Jack, they are all treasures and organized just the way he likes it on his dresser :) Right now he is currently attached to a cool shaped rock he found at the pumpkin patch and a puppy stuffed animal that he named "T.S.C." (we have no idea where the name came from! haha) I love this little quirk about Jack.
  • David, who says the funniest things. My favorites this week:
    • When trying to persuade him to go to the bathroom, "But mom, I already did LASTERDAY!!!!"
    • When again trying to persuade him to go to the bathroom, "But mom, superheros don't have to go pee!!!!"
    • "You're the sweetest mom. I wuv ya." (And that right there cancels out all of the tantrums this week that I'm choosing not to blog about ;)
    • He also likes to pretend that he is a 10 year-old "strong boy" named Spencer. #someonelovestheirdaddy
  •  Jack's pumpkin patch field trip. The farm we visited was so cool and Jack had a blast and I had a blast watching Jack have a blast :)
IMG 6457
To get to the top of the slide, you had to climb to the top of the barn and go through a spooky maze. Jack couldn't get enough of it!
IMG 6467
IMG 6476
I couldn't believe how lax the workers were about putting a bunch of preschoolers in a chicken coop and letting them have at it! This might have been Jack's favorite part - catching chickens!
IMG 6506
IMG 6503
 IMG 6508
 A few more pics of the hayride:
IMG 6515
IMG 6518
IMG 6520
  • October weather!!! I've been wearing comfy leggings every single day this week!!!


Fall fun!

October is my favorite month of the year and I think Jack and David love October just as much as I do!
September 30th - Jack and David in their Halloween PJs and ready to wake up to October - Halloween month!
IMG 6065
That Saturday morning, Spencer took the boys to the grocery store and they came home with pumpkins. They insisted on painting their pumpkins that very day. We don't waist any time with this Halloween celebrating!
IMG 6094
Later that day, Jack and I went to the mall to pick out a fall scented candle. Man, I love this almost-five-year-old and his squinty-eyed smile!
IMG 6092
IMG 6089
I ordered both Jack and David's costumes the end of September. (They both hadn't changed their mind about their costumes for over two weeks so I decided to go for it because they were begging to buy their costumes!)  I have to say, their costumes fit their personalities perfectly :) They've been wearing their costumes almost every day! Here is a sneak peak in case the costumes are in rags by the 31st! haha
Can you find the boy in this picture???
IMG 6072
All of us admiring our little Incredible Hulk :)
 IMG 6123
 Yesterday we went to a pumpkin patch and had a blast :)
IMG 6240
They both said that their favorite part was the pony ride. Jack's pony's name was "Prince" but he kept getting it confused and called it "Kingdom" all day long. haha Maybe because Prince's have Kingdoms??? We have no idea.
IMG 0496
Jack insisted on wearing this crocheted beanie that he wore as an infant the entire day. He kills me.
IMG 6201
Mining for gems. Jack kept saying, "Oh! This rock is GORGEOUS!" lol
IMG 6203
Cow train
IMG 6245
Wagon ride
IMG 6216
 IMG 6239
Magic popcorn picking
IMG 6221
 IMG 6222
Pumpkin picking
IMG 6258
Corn launch
IMG 6252
Bounce pad - David jumped until he peed a little. hahaha! #ithappenstothebestofus
 IMG 6256
It's been a good October so far and we're excited for more Fall fun!
Other than that, we've been playing outside a lot and enjoying the perfect weather. David insists on wearing his "fast shorts" and "fast shoes" every. single. day. He is so picky about what he wears and it's so frustrating! haha Many days he completes his outfit with this red hat and/or super hero cape:
IMG 6081
We picked Jack up from preschool with the outfit above last week and Jack shouted from line, "DAVID!!! YOU LOOK AWESOME!!!"

***Side note: other funny things that Jack shouted from line when I picked him up from preschool:
  • On his first day of school, "MOM!!!! I DIDN'T HAVE TO POO AT SCHOOL!!!!" (I had been telling him how he needs to learn to wipe by himself because no one would wipe him at school and he would always reply, "But mom, I never go poo at preschool!"
  • When David was in the thick of potty training, "HEY DAVID!!!! DID YOU HAVE ANY ACCIDENTS TODAY?!!!!" 
***Other funny things that Jack and David have said recently that I want to remember***
  • We asked Jack why he wakes up at the crack of dawn and my dinosaur loving child exclaimed, "Crackadon?! I've never heard of a Crackadon!" Jack is now our Crackadon dinosaur :)
  • David used to call Diet Coke "spicy juice" but now he calls it "cocoa" and I just can't correct him :)
  • Both Jack and David refer to any time in the past as "lasterday."
I love this picture of Jack and David, even though it's blurry. It captures their personalities perfectly. David playing superheros and Jack roaring like a dinosaur.
IMG 6105
Last week, David discovered a box of old shoes that he has outgrown but he found some cool "fast" Nike shoes that he really really wanted to wear and insisted that I get them on his feet. It was physically impossible because they were baby shoes ----> cue the worst temper tantrum of his life!
IMG 6172
He finally accepted that the shoes won't fit but now he carries them around everywhere. Here he is sleeping with them:
(Jack and David rediscovered their toddler mattresses in the basement and now prefer sleeping on them on the floor instead of sleeping on their cozy queen sized bed. I don't get it)
IMG 6177
Other things I'm loving:
  • Moments where I look at David and still see the baby in him. He's getting too big!
IMG 6060
These full body cuddles won't last much longer.
IMG 6181
  • This sweet boy and the flowers he picked for me.
IMG 6133
  • Jack's love for animals that creep me out! haha
IMG 6174
  •  David and Ellie's sweet friendship :)
 IMG 6185