Jack's Birthday Post

On Jack's birthday, we went to story time and snacks at the library, we ate lunch on the kitchen countertop (his favorite location in the apartment), we played in Walmart's toy isle for 45 minutes, and we had cake and ice cream with friends. It was pretty epic! My friend, Laurie, made him the cutest puppy cake ever and I think that Jack thought that it was too cute to destroy because he had absolutely no interest in eating it. He preferred the sparkle confetti on the table instead. 

And now, mom, Elizabeth, and Isaac - here is the extremely long, anticlimactic video of Jack with his birthday cake as promised. If you are not my mom, Elizabeth, or Isaac, I am one hundred percent sure this video will bore you to tears.

A quick summary: we sing to Jack, I blow out his candle, he rejects his birthday cake and plays with his nipples and confetti instead, he plays with his friend Ruby, and he screams in terror because we put batteries in his favorite toy car and bus. (It is pretty freaky when your toys come to life after 6 months of not moving at all.)


Holding on to him tight

A year ago today, I was given a perfect little spirit in a perfect little body. When I held Jack for the first time, my heart almost burst with so much joy and love and purpose. The financial and graduate school stresses that seemed to completely overwhelm me just the day before didn't seem to matter anymore, because my son was here and he was mine and what else mattered?

As I welcomed my son into the world, my mom prepared to send her first son out into the world. James left for his mission a month and a half after Jack was born. During this time, my mom often called to check up on me and Jack. At the end of almost every phone call she would jokingly and sometimes seriously say, "Start preparing to say goodbye to Jack now! It goes by so fast! Sending James off is torture!"

In a birthday letter to James earlier this month she wrote:

Twenty years ago, I walked laps around our neighborhood in Pleasant Hill hoping to hasten your already overdue arrival. There was no way I could have predicted that twenty years later you would be walking the streets of Orizaba, Mexico, sharing the gospel in a foreign land. It is something a mother dreams about, but there are too many years ahead to picture all of the particulars. I didn't know then that the years were actually just seconds that would pass before you would be leaving our home to serve as a representative of Christ. When I look at baby Jack, I want to say to Annie, "Hold on to him tight! Savor every minute. You will have to let him go sooner than you think!" 

I remember rocking you to sleep in the middle of the night once in our Melody Lane house when you were probably two. I had rocked you many times before in that exact same uncomfortable rocking chair, praying that you would go to sleep, but this particular time was different. I felt impressed to remember that exact moment in time because I would miss it. In my mind I heard, "Hold on to him tight! Savor every minute. You will have to let him go sooner than you think." Since then I have realized what a strange thing time is. One moment time is fleeting, and another it trudges. How could ten months of your mission fly by so quickly and at times seem like an eternity?

Regardless, thank you for teaching me over twenty years that indeed "every day is my lucky day" because you are my son and I am your mom, whether near or far. I love you to the moon (Orizaba) and back, and I can hear you say, "I love you more than a thousand miles!"

With all my love,


So today on Jack's birthday, I am grateful that he's not twenty or twelve or five or two. I am so grateful he's just one. I'm grateful that I can smother him in kisses, comfort him when he cries, and count his steady breaths when he sleeps. I'm grateful that he clings to me, laughs at me, and depends on me. I'm grateful for our long simple days together. I'm grateful I can hold on to him tight and savor every minute with him, because I'm going to have to let him go sooner than I think.


Four things that I wasn't thankful for last Thanksgiving but sure am grateful for now:

1. Enjoying Thanksgiving day without counting contractions while frantically writing, editing, and submitting graduate school essays.
2. Jack
3. Alabama
4. A bedbug free apartment (and smoke free and flea free and cat hair free)

I am now going to tie politics into this gratitude post of mine so get over it.
(The video is kind of cheesy but DP makes some great points)


My activities this week repeated over and over again and summarized in 5 bullet points

  • turning Jack around when he pushes his awesome (for him not for me) early birthday present from my mom into the door after he throws a mini fit when he can't turn it around by himself, repeated a gazillion times. (How is that for a grammatically messed up sentence, mom and Katie?)
  • trying to prevent Jack from getting into my awesome (for him, not for me anymore) birthday present from Spencer, repeated so many times that I've just given up on vacuuming up the dirt now
  • putting a pumpkin balloon in Jack's mouth while he walks, repeated so many times that we've both gotten bored with it
  • reading my book in the passenger seat of our truck while Jack plays in the drivers seat, repeated at least once a day
  • watching the exact same Barney show for the 273rd time since August (Barney at breakfast, Barney at lunch, Barney at dinner x however many days since August = 273 times) I am proud to announce that I have the whole show memorized and am now working on memorizing the dances
Is it sad to say that the most exciting event this week was going to the grocery store and getting all of this for under 10 bucks!?!
Also, will somebody give me a juicy story to use as bait to persuade my mom to stay on the phone with me longer than just one measly hour a day?!

And can someone recommend a show almost as good as Lost (nothing will ever be as good as Lost) because Once Upon a Time this season is really losing my attention?


3 types of posts that I skim over 95.7 percent of the time

1. The daily November gratitude posts

2. The baby milestone posts (example post title: "My baby turned 1 month today and here is a ridiculously long list of everything he/she can do besides eat, sleep, and poop)

3. The "I usually never post about politics but..." posts

While I love grateful people, cute babies, and politics, and also realize that it is the month of Thanksgiving, that we just had a presidential election, and that your baby is the center of your universe, these type of posts usually cause my A.D.D. tendencies to kick in and I can't finish the post for the life of me. It makes me feel like the worst blog stalker ever.

However, your posts may just fall into the other 4.3 percent, and if that is the case, I do not skim but read every single word of your awesome/well written/insightful/funny/inspirational gratitude, baby, and political ramblings, so keep 'em coming!!!

Now excuse me while I go post my political opinions on facebook. You are welcome to just skim over them. :)



This weekend I ran my first 10k, ate my first southern bbq pulled pork sandwich, watched my first Alabama football game, and baked with yeast for the first time since 7th grade home ec. Jack took his first steps and Spencer missed the memo on trying something new.


Things I'm loving: Halloween Edition

  • Pumpkin carving with friends. This is the first year I attempted to do something other than two triangle eyes, a triangle nose and a crescent smile. I carved the cute ghost, and don't worry about complimenting me, I already know it is amazing.
  • Jack's poodle hair? I think Jack wanted to be a poodle for halloween because this is what he looked like when he got out of the bath. 
  • Captain Jack! (since good parents don't let their studly sons go as poodles for halloween)
  • The free Krispy Kreme donut Jack earned for me 

  • Trick or treating at two different grocery stores. I really could get used to this idea of using my baby to get free candy!
  • Our ward halloween party
  • Our friends, who are way more creative than we are in the costume department
  • My drunken looking pirate by the end of the night. It was way past his bedtime.

We had a happy halloween!