If I was not married, I now know where I would be running away to to avoid real life come graduation
-----> ILP's new program in Thailand!

However, I am married, and I am graduating, and Spencer is definitely not very close to graduating, so I can't run away to Thailand. And that's okay with me.

But will you PLEASE go so I can live vicariously through you?!


The inner fatty

That's me! I like sweet foods a lot. Weight Watchers and Jillian Michael's work out videos save my life. But sometimes they don't. I swear that cookies, cake, ice cream, and chocolate beg for me to eat them when I am by myself!

So I have one more strategy I use to somewhat save my figure - I give Spencer the power. In the past, I have made him hide cinnamon almonds, left over Halloween candy, and Christmas goodies. He has packed whole loaves of chocolate chip banana bread in his back pack and taken them to school, a dozen chocolate chip cookies another time. I have even put chocolate cake in the car for him to guard from me while he's at track practice. 

I admit this is not the perfect solution. Sometimes fat free hot chocolate and the 40 calorie fudgesicles just don't cut it. In weak moments, I find myself searching the house in a mad terror for hidden chocolate or forcing Spencer to play the "hot and cold" game with me.

I hit an all-time low moment this week. I couldn't find any of the hidden sweets and I seriously needed chocolate. I was going to DIE! I broke into the candy that I bought for Spencer for Valentines Day. He would never know what he was missing if he never saw it, right? The only problem is that he caught me. When I was in class last night he moved some of the food storage under our bed where his treats were hidden. When I got home, he confessed that he found his Valentines Day gifts but that he thought that we may have a rodent problem - the packaging had been broken into and eaten. Darn you food storage, I almost got away with it!

V-day last year. I can't wait to decorate cookies again. I'm already salivating!


The Facebook Obsession

Spencer and I watched The Facebook Obsession on CNBC about a month ago. It was very fascinating. You need to watch it.

After watching it, I was very bothered so I did something drastic - I deactivated my facebook account. (Gasp!) Too bad I was able to reactivate my account by simply typing in my username and password again. So one hour after I deactivated my account, my account was again activated due to my lack of self control.

I realized that quitting facebook cold turkey is just too hard for me. (And let's be honest, I will never quit facebook stalking.) So I tried another solution: I gave my password to Spencer. I can only log on when he types in my password for me. I have saved so much time! However, there are some unanticipated side effects of this time saving strategy that I have observed:

1. I created a blog and waste basically the same amount of time blogging as I used to waste on facebook.
2. My mom and brother are now facebook stalking under a new pseudonym. They used to have my password because I am the best daughter/sister and because they are too stubborn to get their own facebook account. Watch out for those creepers.
3. Sometimes, I just log onto Spencer's facebook when he is not around and stalk our mutual friends.