Things I'm loving

  • The fact that my dad emailed this to me yesterday. He has sent me many serious Manti Te'o and gun control articles this month and I was totally expecting it to be a serious interview. So awesome.
  • Another awesome thing is this blog post called Drops of Awesome.
  • Jack, who won't get out of his crib unless I grab his jungle animals off of the bookshelf and then help him get them all into his arms at the same time. If the gorilla, giraffe, elephant, and teddy bear are not all in his arms at the same time, then a mini fit commences but honestly, helping him get his animals all under his short little wingspan is a lot easier than forcing breakfast through his glued-tight lips, so this has become a little breakfast procrastinating routine of ours.
IMG 5586 zpsf1ab2247
IMG 5588 zps4cba9605


I win, Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton's Kelly Clarkson photo bomb has nothing on mine:
Picmonkey image zps4b6600ac
I would like to give a personal shout out to Bill Clinton in case he stalks my blog: Thank you for giving me an excuse to resurface this 6 year old picture that I am so proud of. It is my goal in life to make sure that nobody forgets the time that my extremely excited face made it onto all of the Kelly Clarkson gossip websites.

On a not-as-significant side note: one time my dad and brother almost photo bombed a picture with Steve Nash, but their faces are so small that it is hardly worth bragging about.
Image001 zps7932e2e7
And that is the extent of my family's claim to fame.



Our weekend was was a simple one. We helped supervise youth conference, we survived the flu, we played lots of the card game "speed", we went to the zoo, and we attempted to feed Jack. (He's on a food strike again. HELP ME!!!)

Goals this week: Get something besides oatmeal down Jack's throat and learn this dance at the gym without falling off the treadmill and humiliating myself.


Pros and cons of insignificant matters

1. It is snowing in Birmingham today.

Pros: SNOW DAY!!! Apparently the people of Birmingham are not equipped to handle snow that barely even sticks to the ground. Spencer's classes were canceled! Businesses shut down! I love Birmingham's attitude toward snow.

Cons: It is snowing in Birmingham today and I am cold. It took Spencer 2 hours to get home from campus today when it usually takes him 10 minutes. He said people left work and school all at the same time because the snow started falling so the traffic was horrible plus people were sliding off the road or just abandoning their cars in the middle of the highway in the middle of the road. Crazy people. It was just a little slush!

2. My grocery store gave me 47 cents to take 2 jugs of grapefruit juice, 5 lbs of grapefruit, and a grapefruit knife.

Pros: I experienced a couponing "high" again. It's seriously so fun.

Cons: The free grapefruit was not as good as the free grapefruit on my parent's grapefruit tree.

3. I visited meetup.com to find more playgroups for me Jack. I also attended a "Fun and Fit" class at the library today with Jack.

Pros: I am interacting with actual adult human beings.

Cons: Spencer's reaction when he found out that I actually went to meetup.com to find friends. I also had a this is seriously my life right now?! moment at Fun and Fit when I was doing "choo choo", "airplane", "helicopter" and "sparkle star" exercises that were supposedly burning calories?

Result: I applied for three jobs this week.


AZ, one week later

I was in Arizona just long enough to realize how dumb I was to ever leave. I had no idea that life with a baby could be so easy but with perfect weather, with my hyperactive siblings who entertained and wore out Jack everyday, with my parents who watched Jack while I exercised and got ready for the day and took naps in the afternoon, with wide open space to play in at my parent's house, with friends' babies to play with, and with bobas anytime I wanted, life was pretty amazing. Jack was in heaven all week long.

And now, in no particular order, a (most likely boring to you but not to me) list of things we did in AZ with a ridiculous amount of pictures to go with it:

  • Jack went on a date with baby Kelsie. Rumor has it she has lots of AZ boyfriends so we tried to win her over with bobas. 
IMG 5450 zpsccea6b82
  • We played outside a lot
IMG 5562 zps989dcc9b

IMG 5548 zpsb9e27edb
IMG 5449 zpsfa6c8511
IMG 5505 zps1470227b
  • I went running in the mornings and we went on walks. **Running tangent** I can never decide if I enjoy running in AZ or not. I love that my mom watches Jack while I go and I love that keeping track of milage is easy, but I get so bored on the long flat straightaways. However, it was definitely more enjoyable than the two times I attempted to run in high altitude, snowy Utah.
IMG 5523 zpsef35c9b9
IMG 5516 zps441aa5ec
We went to the back of Alicia's house to see her new puppy and it almost convinced me that I wanted a dog. Almost.
IMG 5532 zps2bd91d8d
  • We went to the zoo. 
IMG 5441 zps8e61fe16
IMG 5429 zps7cdc4eb6
Out of all of the awesome animals at the zoo, Jack loved the goats and chasing the pigeons the best.
I'm pretty sure Jack is making a goat face right here.
IMG 5447 zps308430b1
  • We went to Freestone Park. I was a little disappointed though because last time we went back in March, we we witnessed a wedding and a proposal all in one five minute train ride. It was impossible to beat that excitement and drama. 

IMG 5484 zpsca43da63
IMG 5480 zps4e191ac1
IMG 5472 zps2a35c2ff
IMG 5463 zps9afb13e2
IMG 5460 zpsc9c526c5
  • We went on a tiny, maybe two mile hike and I was so so sore the next day because that baby carrier was a lot more difficult to carry than I thought it would be.
Photo 6 zps7cbcef04
Photo 5 zpse3dbb17b
  • I got to see a lot of friends and two of them had their babies less than a week after I saw them!
IMG 5542 zps41a830b9
IMG 5555 zpsca81877d
Hawaii, Alabama, and England friends reunited for the first time in a long long time.
IMG 5498 zps637bf5eb 1
  • When I was little, I would stand on my dad's hands all of the time. Now, Jack is standing on my dad's hands and I really hope he appreciates it because Isaac's children will not have that opportunity as my dad will most likely be in a wheelchair by then.
 IMG 5454 zpsb0e1cf29 1
  • Since we didn't dance enough in Utah, we made up for it in Arizona. Here, Elizabeth is attempting the moon walk and she thought baggies on her feet would improve her dance skills.
IMG 5452 zps8b25dc25

The end.
 IMG 5576 zps6bc2254d
IMG 5491 zpsa882a36c 1


Things I'm loving

  • W's advice on flying with a baby (ha!)
  • The article, DIY is full of danger: a cautionary tale. My mom and I laughed about this for a while because something like that would so happen to us.
  • Trader Joe's Sea Salt Butterscotch Caramels. I have never fully understood nor jumped on the Trader Joe's bandwagon, but I ate a whole package of this heavenly goodness in two days. They are extremely good.
Photo 4 zps23ef34c6
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid 3. It is almost as good and as funny as the first one, and since the first one is on my top three favorite non-Disney movies, (Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Inception, and While You Were Sleeping in case you were wondering) this one is pretty far up there on my list as well. Spencer and I have recommended Diary of a Wimpy Kid to many people who don't like it that much. If you are one of those people, clearly you have no sense of humor and please don't tell me you don't like it because I will not like you as much as I used to. 
IMG 5455 zps840d0f3b



Jack and I survived our flight (even with the stops in Albuquerque and Dallas) and joined Spencer in Alabama yesterday, but I think we all have post vacation depression over here. Our apartment is a wreck and I believe Jack thinks our little apartment is a prison compared to sunny Arizona at my parents' house (more on AZ later). He has been standing at our front door and crying all day long.

I will hopefully be spending the rest of the week organizing, cleaning, grocery shopping, doing laundry, starting a couple of online classes to renew my teaching license, convincing my mom to talk to me for at least five hours a day, and trying to entertain a 13-month-old who thinks Elizabeth and Isaac, my siblings, are way cooler and funnier and more fun than I am. He is so bored of me already.

I am extremely grateful for Bryce and Aubrie's wedding, for Spencer's parents, for my parents, for our Christmas Eve reunion with the Sheets family, for Spencer's once-a-year-willingness-to-dance, and for JCPenny's Christmas button promotion (we won over $300 in store credit, our Christmas miracle) that made the holidays extra special and memorable this year.

Now back to real life. 


Utah wrap up

The rest of Utah, in no particular order:

We went to Logan again last weekend for my cousin's wedding. We got to hang out and stay with my bro-in-law, Bryce, and brand new sis-in-law, Aubrie. Out of Aggie moral obligation, we ate Aggie Ice Cream (Papa and Grandma's treat!) even though we were beyond sugared out from Christmas.
IMG 5416 zps63e569e8
IMG 5419 zpsdc80039c
I got Lemon Custard and Praline Pecan because they are the best flavors ever.
IMG 5417 zps2ca09d85
I took a picture of this picture at my grandparent's house and I'm not even sure how Jack is my child because I looked so different from him as a toddler...
IMG 5425 zps32ba3676
We stayed at my Grandma Wirthlin's for Christmas with my family and her house has lots of fun things. My dad taught me and Elizabeth how to use a type writer.
IMG 5313 zps72c68f94
 IMG 5315 zps4850417c
IMG 5318 zpscddbcbb4

Grandma Wirthlin made her famous and delicious Au Gratin potatoes. The secret is lots of butter, heavy cream, and cheese.
 Photo zps208e4d47
Four generations picture:
 DSC00767 zps23354ed9
I will now proceed to the "Jack in the snow" section of this post. He loved the snow almost as much as I hated it.

IMG 5335 zps325112f3 1
DSC00743 zps9250d045
DSC00755 zps1d1fe445
IMG 5343 zps17565457

IMG 5320 zps339ec33e
And now the "other people in the snow" section...

IMG 5333 zps54a584bd
DSC00756 zpsb9509e93
DSC00750 zps539dffa2
DSC00752 zps259df83f
IMG 5341 zps66d91201 1
IMG 5361 zpsf2cfbc3e
We visited Grandpa Hall, who Jack was named after. I think Grandpa Hall looks like Carl Fredricksen from the movie Up.
 IMG 5304 zps78016bd3
By the way, my nephew makes the cutest facial expressions:
IMG 5421 zps53fb39dc
Jack's favorite thing to do at my inlaw's house was to dance under the piano while Spencer played Jon Schmidt music. (See how I sneakily implied that Spencer has amazing piano playing skills without actually bragging about his freaking amazing piano playing skills!?)
 IMG 5424 zps0eaa2473
I got to eat Costco's Jalepeno Artichoke dip on Christmas Eve, which I had been craving for approximately 8 months. The 100 calories in every bite was totally worth it.
 IMG 5363 zps6accfb99
Here was the Wirthlin/Sheet Christmas Eve party about 10 years ago...
 Wirthlins5 zps191877eb
The WorthSh** Wirthlin/Sheet Christmas Eve party has grown a bit in 10 years. In case you haven't noticed, my sister's goal in life is to ruin every picture.
 IMG 5414 zps9e10e995
My mom's dollar store  infinity scarves and Christmas ties tied our Christmas jamies all in quite nicely.

IMG 5379 zps8997ad7a

 IMG 5376 zpsc2f888e4
Christmas morning:
IMG 5380 zpse661c327
IMG 5384 zpsef3fd96e
Skyping James:
IMG 5389 zps03efac4b
Awesome WAC Tournament sweat bands my Grandparents gave us for Christmas:
 IMG 5408 zps1538fd2f                 
And that is all. I'm really sorry there weren't enough pictures in this post. ;lkj