Random Bullet Points

  • On Friday, I got a text from my dad at work about the death of our family dog, Nera. I ended up getting sent home from work early because I couldn't stop crying about an old smelly, diabetic, blind, and deaf dog with dementia and arthritis. She was the best dog and I'm so happy she was a part of our family. Fun fact for the day: my dad is actually allergic to dogs, but when James and I were little, we asked my mom if we could get a dog if dad died. That is when my dad finally caved and got Nera. 
IMG 1454 zps19af7ae6
Another fun fact for the day: I never called Nera "Nera" in the same tone again after James got laughing gas and called her "Niraaaaaaaa!!!" His drugged up way of saying Nera is so much more fun.
  • I have a confession to make - I have been watching this season of the Bachelorette. I justify this horrible error in judgement because I watch it while doing the laundry or the dishes or while I'm on the treadmill. Since last night was part 1 of the season finale, I convinced Spencer to watch it with me at our friends house. **SPOILER ALLERT** The episode consists of two, quick, insincere awkward dates, then Brooks talks to people about breaking up with Des for an hour and then he actually breaks up with Des for a half an hour, and then they cry for another half an hour. That was whole two hour show. So when I asked Spencer what he thought about it in the car he said, "Every time I watch that show I think of all of the better things that I could do with my time, like stare at a wall." Touche, Spencer.
  • Pro - Cheesecake Factory has half-off cheesecake today (and yesterday) so we went last night to get our vanilla bean cheesecake with raspberry sauce!!!! Con - Even half off, it is still expensive and it didn't taste as good pregnant and it made us both sick because we inhaled our pieces to get Jack out of there as quickly as possible! He prefers running around restaurants to actually sitting down and every time we go out to eat with him, we swear we will never take him to a restaurant again, but then somehow we just keep going back. They should have childcare at restaurants or maybe cages - highchairs don't work.
  • I got a random, surprise Harry Potter package from Katie!!! I think she should just quit her job and open up a Book Nerd Etsy shop.
IMG 6421 zps8dd4f19a


Things we did for free this week because we have a zoo membership

  • We rode the elevator to the top of the Vulcan statue.
IMG 6352 zps8fef0408 1
IMG 6346 zps5b2c42d0

Thanks to my friend, Lisa, I was able to steal a better picture of Vulcan's rear end. I'm not sure if he is wearing pants or not?
IMG 6495 zps7026bfa9
  • We played at the McWane Science Center
 IMG 6357 zpscf48a5f8
 IMG 6361 zps6e11fd7d
 IMG 6366 zps43b2eb13
  • We went to a Birmingham Barons game and the weather was so beautiful, we thought we were in California. We have really enjoyed this mild Birmingham summer. It is waaaay cooler than last summer. 
 IMG 6372 zps11ab2283
 IMG 6375 zps15212470
When we play this hard, Jack conks out hard and sleeps until 7 am! A miracle!
 IMG 6339 zps5b3a19de

Things we did not do for free this week: ate out twice at a delicious Indian restaurant. We cannot afford this pregnancy craving so Indian food coupons/recipes would be much appreciated!


A post about Jack

Before I started working in April, Jack would wake up at 6 am, walk straight to the front door and cry "bye bye". He was soooo stir crazy and could not stand being in our apartment for very long. I think a combination of age and working has taught him to relax a bit and enjoy being at home. Now, if Jack had his way, he would spend his one weekday off reclined in his chair and watching "raff" (Wreck It Ralph) aaaalll day long. (That never happens though because we always have too many errands to catch up on.) Catching frogs on the turf and chasing big kids up the jungle gym and playing with trains and running around the play house and crying on my leg is hard work for Jack!
2013071695192734 zps3471c574
A year ago, I posted about how Jack sleeps with his bum in the air, his hands tucked by his tummy, and his legs crossed. He still does this, so I think it is safe to say that he will be sleeping like this for the rest of his life. Right?! Please!? What you can't see in this picture is his bear that he stuffs underneath his raised bum every single night. I love it.
 IMG 6181 zps2ed9fb45
 IMG 6178 zps94f46461
We had an ultrasound today. (I would post pictures but I'm sure if you google searched "12 week ultrasound pics" those images would look identical to the pictures we got :) Our little baby was in the exact same position as Jack, on the tummy with the legs crossed. My heart melted with love for that alien looking baby of mine :)


Things I love about Arizona trips

  • Jack's entertainment (aka my family)
My grandparents came to visit!
IMG 6296 zps0d977788 
Photo 20 zps2423858c
Photo 18 zps6447964b
  • Swimming! My parents pool was perfect for Jack and we had a blast swimming every morning at 6 stinking am. (One, because Jack woke up at that time and two, because it was toooo hot to swim in the afternoon.
 IMG 6269 zpseb33a8f9

IMG 6279 zps2f4e3962
 IMG 6283 zpsa7f4ec1e
  • Friends. I believe I was blessed with the most awesome and loyal friends growing up, and I am sad that I didn't get time to see them all.
  • Food! It is very overwhelming being in Arizona for only one week because that means that I only have 7 days to shove all of my favorite Arizona foods in my mouth. Luckily, I made it to Gecko Grill twice, to Bobas three times, and to Flancer's once. We did some serious eating but Joe's BBQ and Bahama Bucks unfortunately will have to wait until next time. (At least my Grandma brought me home a Joe's chocolate chip cookie!)
0706131421 zps5b53732a
FYI - Strawberry coconut is usually the second best flavor unless you are pregnant and not liking chocolate very much and therefore not liking the #1 chocolate coconut flavor as much. Then strawberry coconut gets bumped to #1.
  • Last Chance! Y'all are crazy if you live in AZ and don't shop there. 
  • 4th of July! Whoever thinks that celebrating the 4th of July in 118 degree weather is lame obviously hasn't spent it with my patriotic father. 
 Photo 16 zps4d664c1d
 IMG 6336 zps53c1a65a
 IMG 6324 zpsb17610f4
 IMG 6321 zps7c430617
 IMG 6319 zps76741c12
 IMG 6304 zps753d33b2
 IMG 6308 zps5c6c4ec9
 IMG 6332 zpsc9c7b9fd
 Photo 21 zps2920c778
And contrary to popular belief, my dad is not drunk in this video:


P.S. I am happy to report that my flying experience with Jack this time was the exact opposite of my last flying experience with him. The trick was to bring a bag of dumb dumbs, to bring 10 dollars worth of new dollar store toys, to watch Yo Gabba Gabba, to ask for lids on all of our drinks that the flight attendants brought us, to bring Spencer, and maybe just getting Jack old enough to understand that he was in an airplane and couldn't leave even if he wanted to. I seriously read a whole novel on the plane! (I am not telling you which one I read because it was a lame teen bopper cheesy predictable book, and Spencer embarrassed me by reading it over my shoulder out loud while talking like a Valley girl, but after crazy polygamist cult books I have to detox with one of those :)
IMG 6265 zpsa1ae7136


Blogging Burnout

I am experiencing major blogging burnout. The month of June was crazy with Youth Conference and our families visiting us and going to Arizona, so I have plenty to blog about but no motivation to do so. I am too busy productively trying to stop being tired by sleeping any spare moment I get. Baby Hall #2 is wearing me out! :)

Here's to blogging about the 4th of July by Labor Day! (But truly I'm hoping I find energy to do it by the end of the week.) Maybe I'll actually do the dishes and unpack and do laundry by then, too. :)