Jack, David and I got back from Arizona last Sunday and we had such a good time, as always!
Flying with little kids is never fun, and our flight to Arizona left late at night. I'm cheap and never want to spend extra money on luggage or a carry on so this is how I roll - double stroller, three overstuffed backpacks, a purse, and two toddler sized backpacks. It's not too bad except when I have to go to the bathroom in the airport and have to get all of this stuff plus two kids into a bathroom stall. Also, getting all of this stuff onto the airplane without the stroller's help while coaching two kids on where to walk makes me sweat really bad. But we survived!
IMG 5120
We landed at 2 am Iowa time and luckily Jack and David fell asleep before that. It is miraculous that I got two sleeping kids and five backpacks and a purse off of the plane all by myself :)
IMG 5127
Jack and David loooooove "Nana's house". We spent most of the week just swimming in the pool, eating good food, and hanging out at my parent's house.
"Fishing" with Papa
IMG 5145
We swam just about every day. David was crazy and learned how to do flips off of the diving board and finally figured out how to swim by himself the very last day! (Though he still stresses me out when I take him swimming! haha!)
IMG 5141
IMG 5624
Rides on the lawn mower:
 IMG 5180
IMG 5182
I'm glad my mom saved a lot of our old toys (even though my dad isn't ;)
IMG 5598
Other things we did in AZ:
  • Last Chance (Nordstrom on major clearance) trip! This time I was hoping to score new Nike shoes for Jack and David but no luck. David, however, found some Stride Rite Star Wars light up shoes that were three sizes too big and HIDEOUS but it was love at first sight for him! He insisted on getting them and he wore them everyday (sock-less and stinky since I didn't pack socks) for the rest of the week. He sure loves what he calls his "starburst" shoes :) He says that they make him go fast :) Here is a selfie he took of them in the car :)
 IMG 5190
  • Introduced Snap Chat filters to my parents. Their face swap was disturbing.
IMG 5134
  • Ice cream and diet coke runs
IMG 5148
  • Bobas, of course
IMG 5172
  • A drive out to the Phoenix temple
 IMG 5159
  • The Secret Life of Pets (and our first experience with reclining chairs at the movie theaters!)
IMG 5579
  • Open water swimming with Chelsie at Saguaro Lake (these two guys started their workout the same time as us, took a picture with us, and then Chelsie found it later posted on some AZ Triathlon facebook group! haha)
IMG 5578
  • Dinner with my roommate from freshman year at Utah State! I love Elizabeth and could talk to her for forever!!!
IMG 560789
  • Breakfast and splash pad at Downtown Gilbert.
 IMG 5594
  •  Cafe Rio and gelato with Krissy, Katie, and Chelsie! Our friend from high school, Ben, ran into us at the gelato shop and ended up staying and talking to us for an hour or so. Totally random but fun!
IMG 5611
Jack's Arizona Highlight: Scorpion hunting and torching with my dad :) They went out 4 different nights and killed 62 scorpions total! (not including the babies on this mama's back!)
IMG 5590
David's Arizona Highlights: flips off of the diving board, his new Star Wars shoes, and frequent visits upstairs to Isaac's room to see the "cweepy cwown" - Isaac's new addition to his huge Halloween decoration collection. (I somehow didn't get one picture with David and the Creepy Clown, just some ridiculous pictures of me with the Creepy Clown when I was trying to convince David that the Creepy Clown wasn't so creepy :)
IMG 5153
It's always sad leaving Arizona :( Until next time!
IMG 5635
IMG 5642
I wouldn't say that the flight home was easy, but it was definitely the "least hard" of all of the flights I've taken alone with my kids :) We were all happy to see Spencer. We wish he could have come too!
IMG 5647


What's Up Wednesday

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I’m linking up with ShayShaefer and Mel again the last Wednesday of the month for What’s Up Wednesday!
What we're eating this week: 
We are winging it this week!!!
What I'm reminiscing about:
Me, Jack and David's trip to Arizona to visit my family last week! Full AZ post ----> here
IMG 5624
What I'm loving:
These chocolate chip cookies:
IMG 4651
I posted my cousin's chocolate chip cookie recipe about a year and a half ago but since it is the best chocolate chip recipe in the world, I thought it would be okay if I posted it here twice :) We can't stop eating them!
 photo IMG_4597_zpsd72o2nyq.jpg
What we've been up to
It's always hard for us to get back into the groove of things after being on vacation. (I guess it's already been a week and a half but still... haha) Jack yelled at me from upstairs the other day and said that there was something wrong with David. This is what I came downstairs to:
IMG 5103
He had just fell asleep in the weirdest position watching Jack playing the Ipad :) I turned him over but he was still passed out!
IMG 5104
I also taught my kids a fun game called "stand on mom's back". Closest thing I can get to a massage :)
IMG 4859
This kid loves baseball, and Spencer surprised Jack and David with a new bat when we got home from Arizona :)
 IMG 5650
It was the Rib Fest this last weekend, and it's Spencer's favorite event of the year! haha We got ribs to go this year because it was so hot and muggy and tried ribs from Texax, Arkansas, and South Carolina. We couldn't decide what our favorite was this year; they were all good!
IMG 5708
Jack's is on a "scorpion kick" after hunting and killing 62 scorpions in my parent's backyard with my dad! He sleeps with a scorpion beanie baby that my mom sent home with him and chose a scorpion book at the library last week:)
IMG 5663
He loves them, and I'm like:
 IMG 5682
What I'm excited about:
I'm excited for Jack who started four-year-old preschool this week. He loves school and couldn't wait to start school again!
IMG 5676
His new snake backpack with his Squirt key chain from Disney World is just so... Jack :) He loves it.
IMG 5691
Jack's preschool this year is three days a week for 4 hours (while last year was just two days a week for 2 hours.) I'm didn't realize how much I relied on Jack to entertain David until I was left alone with my terrible two for four hours straight ;) Without Jack, David gets into trouble - on Friday it was shaving cream and painting with blue tooth paste!
IMG 5697
What I'm dreading:
What I'm dreading is already over. Spencer got tickets from work for the John Deere Classic golf tournament for the second year in a row and dragged me along again in the muggy heat. I guess I just have no appreciation for golf and I die of boredom and you have to whisper and clap reverently and golf is just the worst ;) Here's a picture of me pretending to have fun. Next year, I'm refusing to go with him ;)
IMG 5112
IMG 5114
What I'm working on:
Nothing that I can think of :/
What I'm watching/reading:
Breaking Bad!
The books I read this month were all very different, but I liked them all! Me Before You was my favorite of the three. Now I want to watch the movie!
IMG 5657
 IMG 5655
 IMG 5656
What I've been listening to:
We are still on a Junie B. Jones books on tape kick over here :) I love her and I love that my kids love her too!
What I'm wearing: 
These are the most comfortable booties ever! I bought them in black last year and my mom is getting me the taupe color for my birthday!
IMG 5685

What I'm doing this weekend: 
What I'm looking forward to next month:
My birthday and cooler weather!
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Friday Favorites

Today, I'm linking up with NarciErika and Andrea for Friday Favorites!

Favorite hair: David's morning hair :)
IMG 4529
Jack and David's favorite time to fall asleep (but not mine!): 4:45 pm in the car

It is SO HARD to wake them up once they fall asleep and then they never go to bed at night!
IMG 4567
IMG 4552
Favorite screenshots this week:
IMG 4553

IMG 4608
IMG 4612
IMG 4624
IMG 4627
IMG 4646
Favorite activities these last couple of weeks: family museum, John Deere Pavilion, Splash Landing, and play dates with friends.
IMG 4557
IMG 4560

IMG 4601
 IMG 4620
IMG 4639
Favorite meal this month: free chicken nugget entree every Wednesday night in August from 5-8 at our local Chic-Fil-As. No cooking plus anything with Chic-Fil-A sauce is a favorite for me!
IMG 4645
A favorite picture of my sweet Grandma Wirthlin that my dad took this weekend at my cousin's wedding: 
IMG 4575
Jack and David's favorite thing that happened on Wednesday: the quarter collector guy at the mall turned the rides on for Jack and David to ride after he collected the quarters from each ride. They got four free rides and I just stood there a little embarrassed and feeling like a beggar.
IMG 4623
My very favorite thing: Arizona bound tomorrow!!!