Friday Favorites

  • Birthday freebies! Grimaldi's pizza gives you a free large pizza on your birthday month and it was sooooo tasty!
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I also got my free sandwich at Firehouse a few days after my birthday. Jack and David loved the free hats :)
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  •  Halloween decorations! We couldn't wait any longer to get our decorations out. Kids make the holidays so much fun. This little Frankenstein is our favorite.
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Jack's costume this year is KILLING me! He has been talking about being a pterodactyl for months and knowing Jack, I know he will not change his mind. (David on the other hand, is a different story.) Jack wanted an $80 pterodactyl costume from Pottery Barn Kids and I feel very lucky that I was able to talk him out of it and into a much more affordable alternative. (The only problem was that they only had toddler sizes so I ordered it early to make sure it fits him.) It's a little snug and short on the ankles but it will work, and he thinks he's the coolest thing ever when he wears it! hahaha The day we got it, he wore it outside to play and show it off with his friends (in 100 degree weather!), he slept with the hat, and then traveled to California with the hat on him the entire road trip! We were dying! hahaha
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  •  The perks of my new job :) (I work about 45 minutes a week right now, it's really rough ;) We LOVE living so close to Lifetime Fitness! We usually drop Kate off at the Kids Academy while we swim, but last time we took her and she loved swimming! 
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  • Jack's school picture! When Jack first saw his picture he gasped, "Oh my gosh. I'm SO CUTE!!!" hahaha I sure love my cute (and confident) Kindergartner :)
I love my not-so-little preschooler too :)
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  •  These three all playing together :) It doesn't last long, but it sure is cute.
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Kate LOVES playing with Jack but she has trust issues with David because he is still learning to be soft :) This was as close as she ever got to smiling while David held her. haha
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  • The fact that it is cooling down in the mornings and evenings! The days where I take the kids to the park, but wait in the van (because AC!) are almost over!
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Weekend Oceanside trip

My brother, James, got transferred to Oceanside, CA so we decided to go visit while the weather was still warm! Spencer doesn't have a lot of time off since starting his new job so we just drove over on Friday evening and came home Sunday afternoon - another trip of over 12 hours of driving for less than 48 hours of vacationing... totally worth it! (I don't think driving phases us much after so many 18-20 hour drives through the night when we lived in Iowa).
Jack has been dead set on being a pterodactyl for Halloween for quite some time now so I went ahead and ordered his costume and it came in the mail on Friday. He was so excited and wore it all day long. He wore the hat part of his costume on the entire drive to California! We were dying! haha We sure love that dinonerd :)
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  IMG 5938
 We got to Oceanside around 11 pm, and woke up poor Calvin with all of our noise. They had a fun midnight cousin reunion :)
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The next morning, Jack and David woke up at the crack of dawn, despite being up so late the night before. We went straight to the beach to look for shells so we wouldn't wake up Calvin.
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We went back to James and Maddie's condo at about 9 for breakfast. Yep - condo. They scored an amazing deal living year round at North Coast Village, the resort where my family loves to vacation in the summer! I'm 100% grateful that they are kind enough to let us crash in their living room anytime we want and also 100% jealous that they get to live there year round!!!
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View walking into their condo hallway
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View from their balcony

IMG 6034
Can I resentfully talk about how ridiculous James' luck is?!
Side story: When we were right out of college, we moved to Alabama and got bed bugs and it was the suckiest, most expensive, and traumatizing event ever. Last summer, James had an internship in San Fransisco and their extended stay hotel had bed bugs. The hotel washed all of their clothes and his company moved them out of there and to the fanciest extended stay hotel ever where they got a delicious breakfast every day, cleaning every day, and they racked up so many rewards that they were able to get a hotel for a week in Hawaii for free! Annie gets bedbugs = panic attack, fetal position, ptsd, and a thousand plus dollars down the drain. James gets bedbugs = fancy hotel in San Fran for a summer and a vacation to Hawaii. I'm not bitter or anything ;)
And now he's right out of college and living at a vacation resort and his backyard is the beach. Again, I'm not bitter or anything ;)
We went to Harbor Days in the morning and for lunch while it was still cloudy. Jack wore his ridiculous pterodactyl hat the entire time and got quite a few looks :) This boy loves dinosaurs and reptiles, and caught this little lizard in a matter of seconds of seeing it!
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We walked to the pier and back early in the morning and then to the harbor and back all before noon. Jack and David were tired of walking! (But I think Spencer was the most tired after the walk back from the harbor ;)
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We went the the beach in the afternoon and the weather was warm and sunny! We lucked out!
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Obviously related ;)
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Jack found 8 sand dollars on the beach and was SO EXCITED about it! Every time he found one he squealed, "I AM SOOOO LUCKY!!!!"
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We had such a great time with James, Maddie, and Calvin and love them so much! Of all of James' luck, I think the luckiest thing that ever happened to James was finding Maddie. She's predictably happy, fun, friendly and easy going and we all just adore her. Whenever we are with them Jack and David say, "Why is Maddie always laughing!?" haha I foresee a lot of Oceanside trips in the near future :)
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Life lately

Life has been a little crazy lately. A couple of weeks ago, I started experience some major anxiety and I had a panic attack (I've now had one panic attack per baby and I'm thinking my anxiety/panic attacks are postpartum/situational). I'm feeling a lot less anxious now but these last couple of weeks were a little crazy. Literally. I felt crazy and it was the worst.

Last weekend, Spencer headed to Utah for the three day weekend to visit his mom (who is suffering from ALS) since he doesn't have a lot of time to take off. I was feeling less anxious by then but a little nervous for him to leave me alone with the kids (which isn't normal for me) and my parents were so great and sent a bunch of activities for the boys to do while he was gone. They loved making "shrinky dinks," playing Candy Land, and building Kinnects :)
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Jack wrote this letter all by himself to Spencer while he was gone. I am shocked at how much he has learned at Kindergarten already! (I'm so glad I have this blog so I can post this and then throw away these papers with no guilt :)
"To: Dad From: Jack"
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"Dad I love you. Jack"
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Spencer's dad had been anxious to get out of the house so Spencer went fishing with his dad and brother early Saturday morning. I think Spencer's such a cute fisherman and I love his new glasses :)
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On Sunday morning, Spencer's mom had a heart rate of 175 and her oxygen was at 85 percent. She had flu like symptoms and was not doing well at all. They ended up calling 911 and she was ambulanced to the hospital. She had pneumonia, sepsis and a partially collapsed lung. Sunday was a scary day for her and for a while we all thought we were going to lose her that day. Today she is a little more stable, but still at the hospital. We are not sure how much time she has left but we are grateful for every day that she's still here. She says she prays every night that God will help her decide when to let go. She is such a wonderful example of faith and courage! It is so hard to watch her suffer so much. We are so grateful for the miraculous timing of Spencer's trip and that he was able to be with her and his family that day.
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The same day all of this was happening with Spencer's mom, I started feeling debilitating anxiety again. I called my mom in a panic and miraculously she found an affordable Allegiant flight and was in Arizona 5 hours later to help me. We experienced a lot of pain and heartache last weekend but also a lot of peace knowing that the Lord is in the details of our lives. Our mothers are angels!
Oh Monday, my mom took us to Freestone Park to ride the train and the other rides, and on Tuesday we went to Legoland Discovery Center. I had been wanting to try Legoland Discovery for a while now (the toddler time price is very affordable!) but I needed another adult to help me since Kate can't go on the two rides. I'm so glad my mom got to come with us :)
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Legoland Discovery - it was empty on the weekday!
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IMG 5573
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IMG 5561
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On Tuesday night, my mom watched the kids while Spencer and I went out on a date! We went to Temari Sushi and it was my favorite sushi ever! Their J.A. Roll was my favorite roll (Jalapeno Apple, who knew?!)
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My mom took my kids to the Mesa Temple visitor center while we were gone. She's the best :)
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The next day was my birthday, and I got to go to breakfast with my mom before dropping her off at the airport. I was so sad to send her back to Utah but I joke that my nervous breakdown really paid off - I got my mom for my birthday ;)
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We went to Joe's BBQ for my birthday dinner, came home for cupcakes from the Great Gadsby Bakery, and then Spencer put the kids to bed while I went birthday shopping. It was a great day!
Other stuff (mainly another huge photo dump of pictures of Kate ;)
We took Kate to her four month appointment and here are her stats:
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Shots are no fun :(
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She loves Spencer!
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Funny/cute sleeping positions
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They are going to love these spooning pictures and pictures in the bath together when they are older ;)
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We had fun at Krazy Air the other day! I can't believe that my kids are now friends with my childhood friend's kids now. It's fun to have second generation Wirthlin/Jenson friends!
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Fun fact - my hair is longer than it has ever been in my life by a long shot! It took me 28 years to finally develop the self discipline to not cut it! haha
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Speaking of hair, we got this hairband as a gift for Kate and I just don't understand why anyone would do this to their baby??? hahaha
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Jack told me to put this picture of him on my blog! haha
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My parents gave this to Kate as a very early Christmas present and she loves it!
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She is almost always smiling and it seems like this last week a switch flipped and she has turned into a wiggly, squirming, army crawling, grabby, sucking-on-everything baby. My infant is gone!
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And here's a picture of Jack and David so they don't look back and feel bad about all of these pictures of Kate ;)
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