What we've been up to

It's the first week of Jack's spring break and since we just got back from Utah, we decided to stay home and take it easy :)
The week before spring break, Jack had a field trip to Superstition Farm and I got to chaperone. I sure love my cute kindergartener and watching him interact with his friends!
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We were in Utah over Spencer's birthday and we didn't bring any of his birthday presents. He opened them when he got home. MY favorite gift he got was his roller blades :)
Looking so fine in his new "fruit boots!"
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The 6th graders at Jack's school performed the Lion King Jr. last week and Jack got to watch it during school but he could not. stop. talking. about it! He begged and begged for me to take him again for the night performance for the families and I really didn't want to go because Spencer had a late meeting so I would have to take Kate too during her bedtime. But he was relentless so Jack, David, Kate, and I all went to the Lion King Jr. and we loved it :) Mostly because Jack and David were mesmerized by it, because of Jack's play-by-plays of every scene, and because after every seen Jack would clap and cheer so loud and say, "I told you it was amazing mom! I TOLD YOU!!!" We went to a really amazing Lion King show two years ago at Disney World but Benjamin Franklin Elementary School's 6th grade's performance took the cake ;)
I've been enjoying blogging outside these last two weeks while the weather is still amazing.

We went to pick more citrus at a friend's house and Kate was such a good helper... NOT!
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David LOVES the skate park! We try to go early in the morning before the "big kids" get there. We took David's cute little neighbor buddy last time and they rocked it :)
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We tried the Toasted Mallow (gourmet s'mores and marshmallows) the other day and none of us were huge fans... maybe we got the wrong thing???
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Kate is already obsessed with phones and ipads #momfail. But it was so cute watching David help her play "Temple Run" the other day! haha
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We hiked the hieroglyphics trail on Saturday and loved it! David hiked the entire 4 miles round trip by himself and with very few tears! (Thanks to about 50 jolly ranchers!!! haha)
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My favorite screenshots of the week:
IMG 3319
Also, very very very grateful to not be participating in daylight savings this year!!
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And here is another photodump of pictures of Kate!!! I have never let her play in the sand before and here is why...
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This girl loves sand!!!
... And swimming and bear crawling :)
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And she HATES dresses. I didn't realize how cute-but-not-functional dresses were on crawling baby girls!!
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Spencer is 30!!! (and a little bit more of Utah)

Spencer turned THIRTY last week!!! 🎉🎉🎉 (I can’t believe I have known him since he was 21!) We partied hard today, just like Debbie would have wanted ❤️ (Thanks to my mom for watching Kate!!!)
Fun facts about Spencer at 30 years old:
* favorite show is Parks and Rec. He loves watching football and very boring Alaska, survival, nature and animal shows 😜
* loves Brene Brown and would say that her books changed his life
* loves listening to the Dan Lebatard Show
* loves all things health, fitness and outdoors related and talks about exercise and dieting with the same passion and spark in his eyes as I do when I talk about cookies, ice cream, and Disneyland
* has POTS disease (a dysfunction of blood pressure and heart rate), hypoglycemia, acid reflux, and intolerance to dairy, gluten, and legumes. Basically he’s a very high maintenance healthy person 😆
* favorite food in this very specific order: steak, Indian food, steak, sushi, steak, hamburgers with no bun, steak, pizza, more steak.
* Favorite dessert in no particular order: blue bell ice cream, brownies, and sugar cookies (he doesn’t care for cookie dough and I don’t get it!)
* Daily staples - meat, eggs, olive/coconut oil, avocados, fat bombs 😝 He prefers to make his own keto friendly meals which really simplifies and complicates our life at the same time 😆😊
* Weakness - Diet Mountain Dew
* has a hard time falling asleep without pillow talk (because my endless talking puts him to sleep 😂) He’s no fun after 10 pm without Diet Mountain Dew but he’s always up and ready to party at 6:30 am!
* sleeps through the night only when David doesn’t need a leg massage in the middle of the night
* does the bedtime routine with the boys about 90 percent of the time (my least favorite job!) while I put Kate down and do the dishes and clean
* Loves playing the piano
* He’s our kids’ favorite parent!
* I love his guts and am so grateful he’s mine!!!

On his birthday we went tubing at Soldier Hollow and then out to Bombay House. Having the lift service was worth every penny! We tubed for 2 1/2 hours straight with NO TEARS! We had a blast!
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Dave didn't want to show up to the viewing in a wheel chair so he opted out and took pictures instead :)
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 Note to self: next time I'm at Bombay House I'm getting the Bollywood Chicken and Mango Lassi drink! Delish!
More Utah:
The "snail grandma" turned into the Shell grandma!!! Jack is all about treasures/collectibles/rocks/shells and Grandma Annie spoke his love language by showing him all of her sea shells, reading him sea shell books, and giving him an abalone shell to keep!
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 We went up to Kaysville every day to help with funeral planning and our kids had so much fun with their cousins!
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 We went to The Greatest Showman with all of Spencer's family and Jack and David loved it!!! I guess listening to the soundtrack in the car for two months straight helped ;)
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They passed out on the drive back to my parent's house almost every night :)
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We went to Isaac's wrestling tournament and missed him wrestle by 15 minutes :( Jack and David still loved it though!
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 We woke up to snow Sunday morning but miraculously our Allegiant flight was only 15 minutes delayed!
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It's always a treat flying with Spencer. I have flown a lot more by myself with kids than with him with me to help :)
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Kate's new funny face kills us! haha

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