Things I'm Loving

  •  Arizona sunrises and sunsets!!! 
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 IMG 7810
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  •  The very bad and wonderful habit that we have gotten into of eating Bluebell Vanilla ice cream with brownie bits, health bits, banana bits, and caramel every weekend :)
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  • This picture that I took of Spencer that was not posed. Hahaha! He has picked up a pretty strong diet mountain dew addiction since moving to Arizona with his long and early commute every morning :)
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  • My little brother, James! He turned 25 earlier this month and I  can't wait to hang out with him next week! When James and I️ were little, we made a huge poster for my dad’s birthday that read, “HAPPY BIRTHLIN!!!” We were so used to writing “Wirthlin” that we didn’t even realize our mistake 😆 HAPPY BIRTHLIN to the nicest, coolest, spaciest, and luckiest person I️ know!!! 6 hours away is the closest I’ve ever lived to my family in my adult life and it’s so fun to get together with James and his cute little family so often!
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  •  Trips to the library. The play area is perfect for Kate. She loves it.
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  • Tuesday Kindergarten playgroup with these cute and crazy boys!
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  •  Having this picture as proof that I CAN be a fun pinterest mom ;) We made "fossils" to practice for Jack's birthday party.
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  • Cute/funny pictures of my kids
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Love my cute dinos :)
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David picked up Kate and said, "Mom! Take my picture with Kate! Mom, is Kate smiling for the picture?" hahahaha #toughlove
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  • Zoo trips with friends
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  • Family pictures at Phon D Shutton. The scenery was gorgeous
 Fullsizeoutput f7fa I think each of our kids have been kissed on the head by Spencer about 5 bajillion times as a baby. I love it :)
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Kate always sticks her tongue out to the left. It cracks me up! 
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It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair. (A Tale of Two Cities)

I am grateful for Birmingham's beauty and it's equally divided four seasons. I am grateful for the football loving, BBQ eating, Jesus worshiping, country listening, Southern hospitality and culture. I am grateful for the wonderful friends I've made, and I am extremely grateful for the Refiner's fire I've experienced here. I love Birmingham and it will always hold a special place in my heart.
IMG 1383 zps0e3fd393 Now on to the Iowa chapter...


Things I'm Loving

  •  Volunteering at Feed My Starving Children with Jack. He was soooo excited to go and was the happiest little helper. 
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 IMG 7461
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  • Our sweet baby, Kate! At her 6 month well check she was in the 60th percentile for weight and 90th for height.
Since she doesn't have a baby book...
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  •  Funny stuff my kids say. David told me, "Mom! I peed a little in my pants. Actually I peed a medium in my pants!" 
  • My kids doing "big" things in the kitchen. Jack made his own breakfast the other day which is a game changer (see all that syrup! ha) and Kate is sitting in her booster chair. She's a little small for it but it works!
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  • Riding bikes!!! Our second child was the first to learn to ride a bike with no training wheels! Jack's not quite there yet but he was so excited for David! When David first started riding by himself, Jack exclaimed, "Oh my gosh! David! I need a double high five! David's rockin' it!" I sure love those sweet brothers :)
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  • Our running/biking trails. It's not quite the same as our Iowa bike trail but I feel grateful we are so close to the canal and other trails! 
Saturday morning walk with the early risers! 
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Saturday morning walk with the early risers :)
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Halloween 2017

We had a great Halloween! I love the month of October and all of the Halloween things, but my heart also missed fall this year :( Arizona is still mostly too hot in October so I'm glad we got to go to Utah at the beginning of the month and see some fall leaves! We had a ward Halloween party last weekend and we went as the Incredibles (again!). I *think* I can promise that this is the last year we will ever wear them but they are just too easy not to use over and over again! We've gotten a lot of use out of my parents old costumes!
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I loved having the ward party outside this year. In Iowa, our ward Halloween parties were always inside and then at the very end we would all go outside and trunk-or-treat as fast as we could because it was so dang cold. This year, everyone set up chairs and laid down blankets in a circle in a big field and the kids trick-or-treated that way. I liked it better than trunk-or-treating!
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David and our next-door-neighbor, Saige. They are the best little buddies and play all the time together. I'm so grateful for Saige because she keeps David entertained for me when Jack is at school :) Plus, she is the cutest.
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Kate's second of three costumes this year :) We got a Snow White and Tinker Bell costume handed down to us and I couldn't NOT have her wear both. She wore this trick-or-treating at Target on Saturday. Girls are too fun!
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Spencer carved a pumpkin, Jack and David painted pumpkins, and I opted out this year :)
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We went to "The Halloween House" in Gilbert on Monday night and it was a hit! The lights were in sync to music just like a lot of homes do at Christmas and it had two spook alleys on both sides of the house. It was a perfect and free alternative to a haunted house for little kids!
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IMG 7581
On Halloween, David had his Halloween party at preschool and Jack got to go home with a friend for a Halloween playgroup.
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After school, we picked up Ghost Busters to watch because Jack and David were dying to watch it. David lost interest half way when he realized that the Ghost Busters were girls :)
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I swear this happens every year, but by October 31st my kids were over trick-or-treating! Walking house to house seemed like too much work to them compared to other quicker trick-or-treating they've done beforehand. (Insert eye rolling emoji) We went down two streets and they were begging to go home, the lazy turds! haha
Jack was a pterodactyl, David was Leonardo, and Kate was Tinker Bell. I didn't realize until after I took this picture that we had a green theme going on! I am hoping that Jack is over his dinosaur stage by next Halloween because the variety of dinosaur species is limited once you are out of toddler sizes! This costume was a 5T and it was too short for him! haha
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And a couple more throwbacks just for fun :)
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