Things I'm Loving

  •  Waking up to this face still asleep (in my bed... grrrrr) at 8:30 this morning. Jack was still asleep too! A sleeping-in miracle only made possible by daylight savings and going to bed after 9 last night!
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  •  My view while doing the dishes
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I love Jack and David's friends just as much as they do!
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  • This quote by C.S. Lewis
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  •   Naps! Jack and David were a little under the weather last week and so I got a few naps out of them, which hardly ever happens these days.
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  •  Jack, who found face paint while I was cleaning out a closet and decided to be Maui from Moanna :)
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  •  Sugar cookies from my favorite local bakery from my awesome friend :)
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  •  Playing in the snow! (Actually, the thing I love about this is that it was hopefully the last big snow of the season ;)
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 Eating yellow snow ;)
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  • My district award winning 4th grade essay that my dad texted to me yesterday. FULL DISCLOSURE: I wrote a HORRIBLE different essay and when my dad went to edit it while I was asleep the night before it was due, he botched my entire essay and wrote a different essay instead! He accidentally wrote it too good for a 4th grader and so my dad ended up beating all the other 4th graders in an essay contest. Oops! haha I'd like to think that somehow I still became a decent writer watching my dad edit/rewrite all of my papers over the years ;) He's pretty great. So here is my (dad's) essay, posted here for posterity and stuff:
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  • Imagination Station! The Quad Cities has an annual free event where you can visit all of the PBS characters in different rooms, play games, watch the PBS shows, and do crafts all centered around the PBS show. This was our third year going and Jack and David love it.
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They had a live turtle, snake, hawk and owl at the Wild Crats station - Jack was in heaven!
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We packed the crafts with us to do at home so that we would have time to hit more characters and stations. As soon as we got home, Jack dumped his bag and got to work :)
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Chicago Day Trip

On Saturday, we went on a little outing to Chicago to see Sue the T. Rex. at the Field Museum. Jack decided over a month ago that he was going to take Spencer to see Sue for Spencer's birthday party since Spencer had never seen Sue before. (Jack, David and I have seen Sue two separate times while Spencer was in conferences, but it was a couple of years ago before Jack was obsessed with dinosaurs) Anyway, it was very selfless on Jack's part to give Spencer an opportunity to see Sue ;) Jack had been anticipating and prepping for Spencer's "birthday party" for weeks - he checked out Sue books at the library, he watched a Sue documentary on Netflix, and he picked out what Spencer and David were going to wear to see Sue days in advance (see their dinosaur shirts? ;)  
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Side note: the only thing more boring than reading nonfiction dinosaur, turtle, shark, and reptile books is reading nonfiction books about one excavated dinosaur fossil named Sue. Fun fact: It is estimated that Sue died at the age of 29 years old. Spencer just turned 29, and Jack made sure to point out that both Spencer and Sue were 29 years old for Spencer's 29th birthday party! haha
Jack woke up at 4 freaking 45 am on Saturday morning because he was sooooo excited to head to Chicago. I'm pretty sure he was more excited for this day than Christmas :) We got to the Field Museum around 10 am and headed straight for Sue and to see the other dinosaur fossils.
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Sue and Jack pretending to be a dinosaur:
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Sue's real head is too heavy to display in the lobby so the real head in a display upstairs.
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 When we went to through the dinosaur fossil exhibit, Jack skipped, smiled, and had his hands in a T. Rex claw position almost the entire time. He was very thorough in his touring - we couldn't skip one display or sign. David lost interest because Jack's pace was too slow ;)
Funny quotes from my dino nerd ;)
- "MOM, I SEE MEGALODON TEETH!!!!" (Prehistoric shark teeth) Then I read the sign and saw that he was correct :)
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- "Mom, is that a compsognathus?" And I'm like, "???????" Sure enough, it was :)
- "MOM!!!!! DAD!!!!  DAVID!!!!!! I FOUND THE ARCHELONS!!!! (prehistoric sea turtle)
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Half way into the exhibit, David took a seat in the stroller. He was over it :)
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Jack and David had saved their birthday money from my Grandma Wirthlin and I brought it with us to the museum because I had a feeling that they were going to want to spend it at the dinosaur store :) Jack chose a "cozy" dinosaur egg with four different baby dinosaur stuffed animals and David chose a scary T. Rex shirt. Thank you Great Grandma Wirthlin!
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We toured a little longer (the museum is HUGE!!! We didn't even scratch the surface) then headed to the car to head to the next museum. We picked up some sushi to go at a restaurant nearby before heading south to the Museum of Science and Industry. We hadn't been to this museum before but it is another museum that we can get into for free with our local family museum membership so we decided to check it out.
Kai Sushi - yum!
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mirror maze
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By about 3:30, we were all SOOOO TIRED and ready to go. We stopped at Giordanos in Hyde Park to get some deep dish pizza before heading back home.
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Museums are not really me or Spencer's thing - I think we both prefer doing something outside - but we both agreed that the dinosaur exhibit was our favorite part of the day.  It wasn't because of all of the dinosaur fossils, but because it's just so dang fun watching your kid have the time of their life :) Jack already decided that he wants to go see Sue again on his birthday. We all LOVE Chicago and we're glad that we live close enough that we can take some fun day trips every once and a while.


Things I'm loving

  •  Celebrating Spencer's birthday! Jack and David chose their birthday presents to give to Spencer and kept it a secret for over a month! (They originally wanted to give him a dinosaur costume and a Captain America costume but I convinced them to tone it down a notch ;) They were soooooo excited to give Spencer his Captain America and Jurrasic Park shirts :)
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This was the second year in a row where it was warm enough to be outside on Spencer's February birthday! We picked up some food and met him at a park for lunch.
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Spencer requested Swig sugar cookies instead of birthday cake this year. A friend of ours introduced us to these cookie mixes and they taste JUST LIKE the Swig cookies. All of the knock-off recipes online don't even come close.
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The birthday celebration will continue tomorrow - Jack decided he was in charge of planning Spencer's "birthday party" - pretty much we are doing exactly what Jack would want to do if it was his birthday party :)
I was just thinking the other day about how I didn't think Spencer has aged one bit, but then I saw this picture of him as a senior in high school ;) It's hard for me to believe that that lurpy stud still holds his high school discuss record! haha I'm so lucky he's mine!
IMG 0006
  • Things Jack's loving: texting my dad animal emojis, drawing and cutting out millions of archelons (prehistoric sea turtles - the things you learn about when you have a dinosaur and turtle loving boy :), and his new shark tooth necklace that he got at his school's book fair. He says that he is going to wear his necklace every single day when he is five and me and Spencer wouldn't put it past him! haha
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  • Memes I'm loving:
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  • The greatest honor I have ever received... (hahaha!) ;)
...Employee of the month at the YMCA! haha I'm laughing about this because this may sound hard to believe, but it was never my intention to be working my high school job ten years later at a YMCA while in my final month of my third pregnancy ;) #goals #thethingsidotofuelmydisneyvacationfund (I think they saw me waddling on the pool deck and felt so sorry for me that they decided to name me employee of the month ;) Full disclosure: when my supervisor took this picture of me, I made her retake the picture like 8 times before I realized that that was just how I looked like 8 months pregnant with no make up on and my hair pulled back! (insert crying emoji) hahaha Obviously I am thrilled that this is the first thing people see when they walk in the gym...
IMG 0036
  •  Facetiming my cute nephew Calvin :)
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  •  Family pictures from December - I think David looks like a different human with curly hair!!!
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  • Monkey Joes (admission was free two days in a row last week and we took advantage of it!)
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  •  The cute new Doc McStuffins exhibit at the Family Museum
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  • Picnics and playing outside in our February spring weather
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Things that I am not loving:
  • Registering Jack for kindergarten. I can't think about it for too long or else I start crying and he doesn't even start for another six months!
 IMG 0037
  •  Jack and David's horrible sleeping routine - they come into our bed every. single. night. and we will never be able to sleep train them because Spencer doesn't even notice that they sneak in bed by him! haha They never come on my side because they know that I will send them straight back to their bed if they touch me while I sleep ;) I seriously have no idea how Spencer sleeps through their snuggling - it is a talent that I wish that I had.
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