We're moving!!!! And having a baby!!!! And other stuff!

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Less than two weeks ago, Spencer got a job in Arizona so we are moving in less than a month! The timing is less than ideal, seeing that I need to get this baby out of me before we move and also because my parents moved away from Arizona six months ago, but when my chest doesn't feel tight from stress and anxiety, I am excited! We will miss all of our Iowa friends and are so grateful for all of the memories we've made here, but we are excited for a new adventure. We just need to survive these next couple of crazy months! I swear I have PTSD from moving. It has to be a thing. Also, I got this text right after Spencer took the job. I guess there has been a lot on his mind ;)
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I went to my OBGYN appointment on Monday, and of course, they won't induce me on Friday like we were planning. My mom is coming tonight and we are moving in three weeks, but my body isn't ready to go into labor and it is kind of stressful. This happened with David too, so I'm not super surprised but now I have to resort to all the natural/wives tale ways to get this baby out and that I don't have time to do because of the move!!! (I am justifying taking the time to blog right now because I'm bouncing on an exercise ball while typing #inserteyerollemoji) Also, yesterday, I did a whopping 20 squats and 20 lunges and instead of going into labor, I just can't walk today because my legs are so dang sore. Whaaaah!!!!! We had an ultrasound on Monday because my doctor was trying to find a medical reason to induce me (she didn't) and these are the pictures we got...
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I learned at my appointment that I'm the worst parent in the world. Every time I look at these ultrasound pictures, I burst out laughing instead of feeling all of the lovey-dovey mommy feelings!!! In fact, I was laughing/crying so hard at my appointment today that the nurse was a little concerned for me and Spencer kept telling me to be quiet, which made me laugh/cry even harder. But seriously, WHAT THE HECK?!!! How is that the same baby? #butimsureifmybabylookslikeadeadmaniwillstillloveit #alloftheheartemojis ;)
My uncle posted this on facebook and I couldn't stop laughing!
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And here is my Easter photo dump:
Spoiled with Easter packages from grandparents:
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Ducklings at the John Deere Pavilion:
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David was so excited that Jack let him wear Jack's favorite dinosaur t-shirt (that is even slightly too big for Jack). I tried to talk him out of wearing it, but I guess you choose your battles :)
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A slightly less creepy (but still creepy) Easter bunny was there!
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Dying Easter eggs
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Play group Easter Egg hunt:
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Easter morning:

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Easter outfits from my parents!
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More than 39 weeks!
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Jack drew this picture of Jesus on the cross at church and I love it :)
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I've been walking (and jogging again trying to get this baby out) on our bike trail every day and I cry every time I'm out there now. It's so beautiful and I'm going to miss it so much!
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Also, I'm super bummed that the closest gym to us just barely got a new play place - Jack and David want to go every single day and we will only be able to take advantage of it for... hopefully never because I will go into labor right now ;)
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Photo Dump

Life has been crazy lately and baby is coming in less than two weeks! I don't have many pictures on my phone from the last couple of weeks, but here is what I've got :)
On General Conference weekend, I attempted my first batch of my mother-in-laws orange rolls! Jack and David were good little helpers :)
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 IMG 0382
 President Uchtdorf's talk was my favorite! Love that guy.
 I had my last day of work last week, thank goodness! I couldn't quit early because I had a very important "Employee of the Month" reputation to live up to ;)
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Jack gets crazy cravings for ice cream and David gets crazy cravings for brownies. I am happy to indulge in their cravings with them :)
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And a few bike trail pics because it is my happy place:
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We went fishing yesterday. It was boring. :)
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What's Up Wednesday

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Today, I’m linking up with ShayShaefer and Mel for What’s Up Wednesday!
What we're eating this week: 
I have no idea. Our eating has been pretty dysfunctional lately. Jack and David are picky, Spencer is now diary-free, eating super healthy plus he went off of sugar for Lent (why?!!) and I am just pregnant and picky and sensitive to smells. So basically everything Spencer cooks for himself (I should just be grateful that he cooks and proud that he's being so healthy!) smells awful to me. (He seriously eats three different types of curry weekly and pretty much just turkey burgers on the other days and the thought or smell of those foods now make me want to puke! So we usually make four different meals for dinner. It's bad and I wish we could just eat out every meal :)  
What I'm loving:
 I just discovered this candle scent at Bath and Body Works and I LOVE IT. Usually I like the fall/winter candle scents over spring/summer but this might be my favorite ever.
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I also bought Target's Island Moonlight candle because it smells just like the Anthropology candles that I can't justify buying and love it also, though the throw isn't super strong so I just burn it in smaller rooms.
What I'm reminiscing about:
Yesterday, I blogged about my top five most ridiculous  photos and that had me reminiscing quite a bit :)
What I'm dreading:
Being pregnant for three more weeks. I am HUGE - way bigger than I was when I was pregnant with Jack and David and I'm ready to be done and meet this sweet baby! 
What we've been up to:
Jack had spring break last week, and even though that's not a huge deal when he just goes to preschool for half the day for three days a week, we played pretty hard and did some fun new things!
Spring break highlights - fire station tour, exploring the tiny geology museum at a local college (because - dinosaur fossils! ;) and driving an hour to Iowa City with a friend to stock up at Costco. (Ok, this list makes me feel like my mom life is kind of pathetic ;)
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The geology museum exceeded my very low expectations ;) There were more dinosaur fossils than I thought there would be and the kids were really into it because there was a box full of cards with pictures of different things in the museum that you could choose from to go search for.
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Other things Jack and David have been up to - playing with dinosaurs in fake snow (for hours! It's amazing!), going to a friends birthday party, and playing outside. (The high was 77 degrees and sunny on Friday and Jack yelled from outside at me and said, "Mom, you gotta come out here and try out this sun!!!")
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My friend texted me this picture from her daughter's "Trolls" birthday party and it cracked me up :)
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What I'm working on:
Growing a baby and surviving my last month of pregnancy ;)
What I'm excited about:
Meeting our baby boy or girl!
What I'm watching:
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Poldark!!! Oh man, this may be one of my favorite shows ever! It's on Amazon Prime and Spencer and I finished both season 1 and 2 and LOVED IT!
What I'm reading:
I read this book for a professional development class I took to renew my teaching license and while it had a lot of good ideas and concepts about compassion, it was pretty dry. I recommend reading Daring Greatly by Brene Brown over this one - same principles, but WAY more engaging.

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"In love we find out who we want to be; in war we find out who we are." This beautiful story is about two sisters fighting to survive during World War II in their own horrific and inspiring ways. This book has received a lot of praise and now I know why! It's one of my very favorite books I've ever read.
IMG 0314
My grandma gave me this book back in September for my birthday and I finally got around to reading it this month. I couldn't put it down! I loved it and I can't wait to see the movie now!
 IMG 0316
A friend recommended this book and I joked that it was my self help book for living in Iowa ;) I actually didn't read the entire book, but loved the "love where you live principles." I also loved the chapter that talked about how walking and biking places helps you to love where you live and I couldn't agree more! Some of my happiest memories and most sacred moments happened on my favorite running/hiking/biking trails in Logan, Birmingham and Davenport. 
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What I've been listening to:
Disney Pandora station :)
What I'm wearing: 
Stretch7 pants. My maternity jeans don't even fit me anymore. Whaaaah!!! 36 week baby bump pic:
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What I'm doing this weekend: 
Hanging out at home and listening to General Conference
What I'm looking forward to next month:
Bonus Question:
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