Things I'm loving

  • Rollerblading!!! I didn't realize how much I missed it until I started rollerblading again! haha Rollerblading has been a part of every phase of my life (including high school and college because I am cool like that) but not motherhood! I know it's dorky, but it makes me feel so happy and ALIVE! haha
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Jack loves his California chariot!
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I went with some friends one night and it POURED on us! Haha We're going to make rollerblading cool ;)
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  •  Running with Alicia!!! I went to high school with her and she was my roommate my freshman year of college. I've been running every Wednesday morning with her and this weekend she is getting married and moving to Mesa (too far away to drive to her house and run with her on a weekday morning!) I'm happy she's getting married but sad she's moving! Today was our last run and our friend Julie was in town from Kansas and came running with us! 
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Alicia got a new Garmin watch for Christmas and gave me her old one!!! I'm so grateful and excited! My old Garmin watch was the most basic and over 4 years old!
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  • Jack started basketball practice and actually likes it! He had been dreading it and was nervous about it so I'm glad he is having a positive experience. 
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  • My little helper in the bathroom when I'm getting ready for the day. (FYI I've gotten a lot better at cropping my reflection out of the mirror and making sure I have clothes on before I take a picture just to make sure I don't send an accidental nudie to my mom again ;)
  • Pioneer Park by the Mesa Temple. My boys loved it - I wasn't a huge fan because it's not a park where you can be a lazy mom and just sit and talk to friends ;)
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  • Spencer is on Instagram! He still never reads my blog but he stalked my Instagram for the first time the other day and I got over 100 "likes" from him! haha I keep telling him that when I die he will be grateful that I documented our life! haha
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  • Kate's two positions in her car - either standing up and bouncing or relaxed and lounging! haha
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  • I don't love the fact that Spencer is doing the Keto diet, but I do love my mom's response to his Instagram post about it! haha
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I'm glad that Spencer finally figured out what causes him so many stomach issues for him (dairy and grains) but I seriously hate that dairy and grains cause him so many issues because THAT IS ALL OF THE GOOD FOOD! Luckily, he can cheat and eat it on occasion (it just causes discomfort for him) but sometimes I just have to run away and get me some carbs since it's usually not worth it to me to make meals loaded in dairy and carbs if I'm the only one who is going to eat it. Jack and David are picky and so our family meals are way too catered to what everyone wants/needs. I should probably read some book or take some parenting class but that sounds awful so I'll probably just keep enabling them for now ;) A boba for the win on Saturday night!
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  • These curls that I hope stick around!!!
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  • MLK bike ride and parade! We met at my friend, Jeni's house and rode with her to the parade. It was probably a 4 or 5 mile ride and David did so good!
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Jeni's my favorite bike parader, life coach, yogi, hippy friend and hero! I'm so lucky to know her!
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  • Kinetic sand that my mom got Jack for his birthday! Jack and David have been playing with it every day!
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  • Swimming lessons for Jack and David! They get free swimming lessons since I work there and they love it! Kate has been dying to get in the water so this week I brought her swimsuit and she loved it!
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  • My portrait match on the google arts and culture app. I got an Asian portrait every single time! #asianbutnotreally (BTW I wrote about one of my funniest Asian misunderstandings here.) 
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Be Still

Our babies came, intuitively connected to us.
They cried and on demand they were comforted and nourished.
We held them in our arms as they rested 
and we breathed together,
Our hearts beat as one.

Then they grew.

They are wiggly, busy, and curious.
They discover, experience and learn
and we watch in joy and wonder.

Sometimes, they still stop to rest their heads on us.
We breath and our hearts beat together with love and light.
We begin to understand.

"Be still, and know that We are God.
Be still, and experience Our love."
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The rest of winter break

The day after Christmas, Spencer didn't have work and we spent it at the zoo. Poor David had a fever before, during, and after Christmas but was fine as long as he had ibuprofen in his system. We almost didn't go to the zoo but David was determined to go!
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That evening, my family rolled into town from Utah! We had such a fun week with them. Highlights included rollerblading, lots of good food, California chariot-ing, the Arizona bowl, hiking, seeing The Greatest Showman, and fireworks!

My dad brought our old roller blades to Arizona and we had so much fun! Nothing makes me feel less like a mom with responsibilities than rollerblading (and maybe Disneyland too ;) I spent my entire childhood on roller blades and even bladed to school for a couple of weeks during my senior year of high school when I lost my car keys! haha #noshame I seriously love roller blading! My dad and I went on a long ride first and then I slowly recruiting people throughout the week! One day, I roller bladed for 10 miles total! haha
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IMG 0615
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My parents gave Jack and David California chariots for Christmas. They are so fun and Jack and David love them!
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We went to the Arizona bowl down in Tuscon to cheer on our Utah State Aggies with all of my favorite Aggies! The wrong Aggies won, but the game was still so fun and nostalgic. I can't believe I was a freshman at Utah State 10 years ago!!!
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My grandparents are the most hardcore and loyal Aggies I know! Some of my favorite memories with them were when I was at Utah State and they would come up for every football and basketball game. They would pick me up and would treat me to Fredricos or Juniper Takeout before we headed to the game.
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Spencer and I were planning on hiking Flat Iron, but Spencer was a little sick so I ended up hiking with my dad and Jack to the wind caves! Jack loves hiking so much. I don't think there is a kid out there more interested in each rock and cactus like Jack is. Another random funny thing about Jack - Feliz Navidad is his all time favorite song! Spencer and I got tickets to the Taylor Swift concert and Jack said that he didn't want to go to Taylor Swift but he wanted to go to the Feliz Navidad concert! lol Love my quirky boy!
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Fireworks on New Years Eve:
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Elizabeth had the perfect "Rolling into 2018" Instagram caption, but she just needed to nail the picture! hahahaha
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Other random pictures from the week:
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I was so sad when everyone went back home New Years day. The next week we spent at home playing outside! Winter break in Arizona is a dream! I love our neighborhood and I love my neighbor and her kids!!!
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Why would you ride a bike when you can show off your geodes to the entire neighborhood instead!? hahaha
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And read a book about geodes :)
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We finally have figured out a way to go on a family bike ride! Jack and Kate in the trailer and David on a bike! Never thought that would be the arrangement that would work, but it's working for us for now! I'm hoping Jack will learn how to ride a bike by the time he is 12, but in the mean time he is David's number one cheerleader and a good little babysitter for Kate :) We rode about 2 miles total without stopping and Jack kept yelling to David, "Oh my gosh David!!!! You are getting the biggest record!!!"
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Kate loves her little car and thinks she is one of the big kids when she rides it!
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Jack and David wanted to spend their Christmas money at Build-a-Bear no matter how much we tried to talk them out of it. Jack is determined to collect all of the Pokemon Build-A-Bears and since they keep adding Pokemon to their store, hand e now has about $200 more dollars worth of stuffed Pokemon that he wants!!! I hate Pokemon and I hate Build-A-Bear but they sure love it! haha
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Our last day of winter break we went to the skate park with all of their new Christmas toys :) They had SO MUCH FUN and we ended up going again after Kate's nap and they are still begging to go again.
IMG 1591
I've had postpartum anxiety with all three of my babies. I didn't know what it was with Jack because I had only heard of postpartum depression, and with David I wasn't sure how much of my anxiety was hormonal and how much was just sleep depravation since he woke up at 5 am every morning. With Kate, I was shocked at how normal and sane I felt even with a cross country move when she was just 2 weeks old, but then my anxiety hit hard at the end of August. My anxiety comes in waves, and most of the time I feel fine or know what tools to use when I feel it coming. (I usually cope with exercise, talking to my mom or friends on the phone while I clean, blogging, and planning/researching vacations that I will most likely never go on ;) On the days when the feeding and nursing and napping and diapering and crying and snack requests and messes and laundry and fighting and screaming seem extra agitating and I feel like I'm trapped living the same mindless demanding day over and over again, I can always look back on my day and remember at least one short moment of complete euphoric bliss where I felt so much overwhelming love and joy. Yesterday, it was at the skate park with my babies. They lyrics from the Greatest Showman summed up my feelings completely - "It's everything you ever want. It's everything you ever need. And it's here right in front of you. This is where you want to be."