Fall Break Part 1: UTAH!

Jack had two weeks off for October break and we had such great break! We drove to Utah for the ALS Walk for the Cure in Utah on the 30th of September then stayed for the week. (Spencer could only stay for the weekend) We were so grateful that we were able to make it for the walk! Debbie got pneumonia earlier in September and we weren't sure if she was going to make it. For the month of September, Jack and David prayed that they would be able to see her again when they went to Utah. She is such an amazing example of faith and courage! (And she is a speed demon on her wheel chair! We couldn't keep up with her! haha)

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  • We watched Utah State beat BYU! 
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 I even got to celebrate with Aggie Ice Cream!
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  •  Saw my grandma on her birthday!
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  •  We spent almost every day in Kaysville with my in-laws. My sister-in-law and her family are living with them to help with Debbie and it was so fun to have cousins to play with every day and Rachel (my sis-in-law) to visit with!
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  • We drove up Cottonwood Canyon to Silver Fork Canyon for brunch with some of my mom's family. I LOVE the fall in Utah and it was so pretty to see the fall colors with a little bit of winter all in the same outing :)
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This is how David fell asleep in the car almost every day from playing so hard :)
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  • We played at my parent's house. (I don't know how I failed to get a picture of my brother and his abundant and intense Halloween decorations or the swing out front that Jack and David spent so much time on!)
We watched my nieces and nephew one day at my parent's house while my brother and sister-in-law went out on a date. 
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 They have the best view of Mount Olympus!
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This was the only picture I took of my sister! haha
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  • We went to Cross E Ranch with Spencer's family for their fall festival. We had so much fun and the apple cider donuts are my new favorite donuts of all time!
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 I forgot Kate's baby carrier so we had to go back again the next evening to pick it up. I also ended up buying another dozen of the apple cider donuts! #noregrets
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  •  We hiked Neff's canyon by my parent's house and enjoyed the fall leaves! My niece, Eliza, joined us for the day :)
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 Spencer wanted to hike too so we went back on Saturday after he flew back to Utah!
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Love those cute little teeth!
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  • We visited "Aunt" Camille - my mom's best friend. She won Jack over very quickly with her sand dollar collection :)
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We love fall, family, and Utah and can't wait to go back next month!