Utah for Christmas

The day after our last day at Disneyland, we hit the road for Utah! We made it to Kaysville just before the snowstorm.
I loved driving through Southern Utah. So pretty!
IMG 8885
My nephew was born that day and the following day (Christmas Eve) we got to drive down to Provo to meet him! A Wirthlin cousin for Christmas was just what Jack and David wanted! We all love Calvin James!!!
Baby Calvin picture overload:
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 IMG 8932
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 The Wirthlin grandkids
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 We went to Spencer's uncle's house for Christmas Eve for a delicious Mexican tamale dinner. Jack and David loved playing with their second cousins!
Acting out the nativity:
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IMG 8969
We stopped by my parent's house (they are living at my Grandma Wirthlin's house right now) on the way home for a bit since we weren't going to see them on Christmas day. We exchanged family gifts and Jack and David were super excited about their Hulk hands and velociraptor hands (and other dinosaur and superhero toys ;)!
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I was a little worried that they wouldn't care about what Santa brought them because they were so in love with their new hands! haha
Here were my boys on Christmas morning (they both are in the habit of climbing into our bed at night... I'm not a fan of this!) I was up and ready to go and all three of them were passed out! They slept with their Hulk and Velociraptor hands that night :)
IMG 9012
 IMG 9017
 My brother and sister-in-law's family also spent the night so Christmas morning was extra fun! We woke up to a white Christmas with so much snow that we couldn't get our cars out so we skipped out on church.
IMG 9054
My in-laws went to Hawaii earlier in December (another thing on my mother-in-law's bucket list!) and so they started the tradition this year of wearing Hawaiian shirts and mumus on Christmas day :)
IMG 9030
 IMG 9033
Playing with toys on Christmas morning - Santa brought David some super hero action figures and Jurrasic World dinosaurs for Jack.
Playing with their new toys:
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My parent's gave Jack a shark dig similar to the dinosaur fossil dig that he got for his birthday. He loved excavating the shark teeth!
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James and Maddie gave Jack and David scorpion suckers!
IMG 9050
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And they gifted me this amazing onesie ;)
IMG 9085
My mother-in-law has a tradition of making orange rolls and breakfast casserole on Christmas morning. She wasn't able to make the orange rolls this year but she coached me and my sister-in-law on how to make them this Christmas. I'm glad I know how to make them now so I can carry on the tradition. They are delicious and a family favorite!
IMG 9041
IMG 9042
All of Spencer's siblings and families came for Christmas dinner.
They love baby Ashley!
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One of my favorite gifts this year was a print of our family that my brother-in-law and sister-in-law gave us - it got me so excited for our little baby to come this April!
IMG 9059
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We had a great Christmas and were so grateful to be able to be with family during the holidays.
Other things we did in Utah:
  • Enjoyed my in-laws treadmill! They have the fanciest treadmill ever and I loved using it while we stayed with them. After my jogs, Jack and David always wanted to try it out too :)
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  • Visited "Grandma Annie" and "Papa Carlos" aka the snail grandma's house. When we walked up to their house the first time, Jack sniffed and said, "Yep! Smells like snails!" haha fyi it does not smell like snails at their house ;) They loved their dinosaur trucks and Utah State sweatshirts that they got from them and they also loved performing on their "stage"!
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  • We visited Grandma Wirthlin at my aunt's house in Kaysville
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  • We went to the aquarium for my cousin, Nate's birthday!
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  • We went to a bounce-house place with cousins
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  • We slept over at my parents house for a couple of nights!
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  • We rang in the new year a few hours early because our flight left at 6 am on January 1st!
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IMG 9237
IMG 9230
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  • Spencer left four days before us to get back to work, and of course, that is when David threw up one night, peed the bed the following night, and stayed awake for an hour and a half straight in the middle of the night the night after that! (And the last night, we woke up at 3:45 am to catch our flight back home!) 
Here we are at the airport (sometime before 5 am). David slept through security until I had to wake him up to get on the plane! He napped on our second flight from Denver to Des Moines and also on our 2 1/2 hour car ride from Des Moines to Davenport. We were all wiped!
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 IMG 9250
IMG 9264
I love this picture of Jack with his pirate eye patch watching the Ipad ;)
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(It took us 12 hours total to get home and I am currently in mourning that there are no direct Allegiant flights to Salt Lake City. Our cheapest option to fly to Utah is to fly Frontier where we have to drive over 2 hours to get to the airport and it is not a direct flight.)

We had such a great vacation and Christmas and we are so grateful for all of the memories we made and time we had to spend with family!