What we've been up to

Basically, I’ve been hiding out in Utah with the kids (my mom flew out to Iowa and drove us to Utah when Kate was 2 weeks old) while Spencer finished up work in Iowa, cleaned and packed up our house in Iowa, moved across the country, then started work in Arizona :) It's been really rough for me ;) My mom and Spencer saved me!!! Spencer is flying to Utah to pick us up and drive us to Arizona on Saturday. I think my Utah raised husband is more excited to live in Arizona than I am so props to me for my excellent job at converting him to Arizona these past 7 years :)

I thought it was going to be a lot worse moving across the country with a 2-week-old but it has gone as smoothly as possible so I'm very grateful for that! (Though I had a moment where I thought that this was absolutely insane when Kate lost her umbilical cord in a random hotel room in North Platte, Nebraska haha!). So far, this has been the easiest move and the easiest month postpartum so moral of the story: I wasn't being dramatic about our last two moves - they truly were traumatic and truly did suck and also, living with your parents for as long as possible after having a baby is an excellent idea :) 

Also, shout out to Kate - she wins the best baby award! I think she would have started sleeping through the night at 3 days old if I didn't wake her up to eat, and she is now sleeping through the night most nights! I'm shocked and grateful, because David woke up 2-3 times in the night to eat until he turned one so I was expecting that again. God must have known that I would need a good sleeper to pull off a move two weeks after giving birth!

Now for a huuuuuuge photo dump:

Last goodbye girls night the night before I moved - I seriously love my Iowa friends soooo much and will miss them so much. They made Iowa great and were soooo helpful the week leading up to our move - we had so many meals brought to us and Jack and David had at least one play date a day.
 IMG 1334
Kate's 2 weeks stats for documentation:
IMG 1336
Last family pic in Iowa. I'm so grateful that God sent us to Davenport three years ago - a place that I had never heard of before and a place that I had no desire to live ;) It has been such a happy three years!
IMG 1364
We had the best chauffeur ;)
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Nursing breaks at the gas station:
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As David would say, "Hers is good at cross eyes!!" haha
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We've mostly been hanging out with my parents in Utah so here are too many pictures of us hanging out in Utah ;)
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 I've got some good "helpers" :)
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 David found an old cassette tape player walkman and loves it :)
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 These boys sure love their sister
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 Jack and David have had a blast playing on the swings, hunting for snails, playing with the neighbor kids and their chickens, and going to the park with my mom.
Funny story - the neighbor kid's mom asked Jack if he helps make the beds at home and he said, "We don't make our beds, we buy them at the store." haha! I obviously have failed at teaching them how to work and to do chores! 
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 My grandparents went to Logan and brought back my favorite Aggie ice cream! They are the best!
IMG 1460
Spencer had to be in Arizona on the 15th for a physical for his new job but didn't start work until the 22nd so he flew up to Utah and stayed with us Tuesday-Sunday. We spent every day in Kaysville with his family and had such a good time. Jack and David looooove playing with their cousins!

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 IMG 1706
They would always pass out on the way home from Kaysville! They played hard!
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 On Saturday, Spencer took the boys fishing with his dad and I went to my sister's lacross state championship game. They won!!!
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Fishing wiped them out!
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That view!!!
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Kate was a trooper!
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One month pic of Kate! In one month, she's been in 4 states and has lived in Utah longer than Iowa :)
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My view every morning - this boy never stays in his bed at night! Good thing he's cute!
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It snowed on the 15th and I wasn't even mad because I'm moving to AZ :) And look how gorgeous!
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Holladay has the best view of Mount Olympus!
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On Sunday we blessed Kate. We were so grateful for all of our family who was able to come and celebrate her with us :)
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