I got nothin'

I wish I liked to blog as much as I like to blog stalk. My secret goal in life to become one of those way-freaking-awesome bloggers that get paid to blog about how awesome their lives are as they play every day, eat at delicious restaurants every weekend, and never wear the same outfit more than once. (I could also settle for working for Mark Zuckerberg on the Facebook Team)

But for now, I will blog stalk consistently and blog sporadically because it's kind of tricky to know what to blog about when all I have accomplished in the past few weeks is keeping my baby full, inhaling 2 plus boxes of eggnog creamies, and watching way too many episodes of Friends. And while I do, in fact, have the best husband ever and now the world's cutest baby, this blog was not created to prove that to anyone.

So here's to nothing to blog about!!!
Unless you want to talk about breastfeeding, creamies, and Friends. Then I have plenty of posts lined up.


My mini me

With all of the misunderstandings I have experienced in the past (see here and here), it's nice to know I'm not the only asian-looking caucasian in the family anymore.

So thanks, Jack!