Things I'm Loving

  • Accidentally running into the "Family Fun Fair" last weekend. Jack got his face painted, took a water color class (ha!), went to a petting zoo, and got a sword balloon. 
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 photo IMG_0454_zps5c635836.jpg
 photo IMG_0467_zps90cd4d57.jpg
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  • 25 meals from Aldi for $150! We did the gluten free one this month and our favorite meals were the pork chops with apples and the loaded baked potato casserole
  • The Quad City River Bandit minor league baseball game. Woodmen Park was voted the most beautiful minor league baseball park and I can see why! It is right on the Mississippi River and it's gorgeous. We visited with Spencer's coworkers, we ate hamburgers, we rode the ferris wheel (Jack was in HEAVEN and I was scared to death), we stalked the mascot, and we cheered when everyone else cheered... we basically did everything but actually watch the game ;)
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 photo IMG_0482_zps1d93305b.jpg
 photo IMG_0494_zpse60b277d.jpg
 photo IMG_0497_zps6d9fe1cf.jpg
 photo IMG_0510_zpsd56e437d.jpg
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 photo IMG_0491_zpsb2ba4811.jpg
And there was corn, of course. This is Iowa.
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  • Volleyball! We started playing volleyball at our church with friends every Tuesday night. We rotate an adult in the nursery with the kids every 10 minutes and it has been SO FUN!
  • When my nap protester caves and falls asleep for THREE HOURS on the floor. 
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  • THE NICEST letter in the mail from a friend on a day when I was having one of those guilty, feeling-like-a-failure-mom days. As I read it, I felt that familiar voice... "See?! I'm with you, I'm helping you, and I'm sending you angels." Thanks for being my angel this week, Leanne. Your words meant SO MUCH to me. :)
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The doctor's appointment that felt like a pop quiz

We went to a new doctor today for David's well check up so I had to fill out paper work and answer a bunch of questions. I learned today that I have a healthy baby boy and I also learned that my brain has officially turned to mush.

"What is your address?"

Panic. I've lived here for three months and my heart still skips a beat when someone asks me my address on the spot. (Confession: I peaked at my driver's license for the zip code because now that I'm on my 4th zip code, they all sound the same)

"What is your husband's phone number?"

I know this one!!! Turns out, I recited my social security number instead. They both start with 62 so it's confusing, okay?

Then I had to fill out paper work where I wrote down that my child's name was Davenport instead of David. Those dang D-A-V's get me every time. (Confession: when I was in elementary school, I made a huge birthday poster for my dad that said "HAPPY BIRTHLIN!!! FYI my maiden name is Wirthlin, so you can see the trickiness. Now, I always have to triple check birthday wishes that I write and it's an incredible burden.

Later, the doctor asked, "What was David's birth weight?"

My heart skipped a beat again, because I immediately thought of Jack's birth weight but after 5 awkward seconds, I got the answer right!!! Because I have a trick for that one! 7 pounds 7 ounces - lucky sevens for my Chinese New Year baby.

"What was his birth height?"

No freaking way was I going to get that one. I made an educated guess and they didn't seem to mind.

"How old are you?"

"Twenteeeeeee.........ummmmm...... four!"

The nursed laughed at me. She laughed!

"How old is your husband?"

Stomach drop. "Twenteeeeeeee...... (quick math in my head)..... six!"

I was pretty relieved when all of the questions were over. My brain. It's sad.


Stuff we've been up to

We got free tickets to go to the River Roots Music Fest and Rib Fest. There was good music, THE BEST bbq I've ever had (from Texas!) and no kids. It was awesome.
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 photo IMG_5570_zpsd497e256.jpg
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 photo IMG_0430_zpsbbe3fca5.jpg
The best way to entertain three boys is to take them to an air show.
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 photo IMG_0359_zps20a9e1f5.jpg
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We love our walks on our bike trail (all of us but David).
 photo IMG_0385_zps4bf35f50.jpg
David loves the base of our stairs. Any suggestions for how to baby proof these stairs?
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 photo Image_zpsc85a37ef.jpg
And we've been swimming. The cold doesn't stop Jack.
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A social media fast, a sleep fast, and potty training

For the past 7 days, I have not been on facebook or instagram or on any blogs because I am a compulsive fb/insta/blog checker and I need to stop being a compulsive fb/insta/blog checker . Instead of social media this week, I have been reading a little more, listening to this podcast, being still when I have a minute to myself instead of checking something, and being more present with my family. Yesterday, I listened to Elder Bednar's talk on social media at Education Week and I LOVED IT. Perfect timing for me. Hashtag because of Him, hashtag did you think to pray, hashtag meet the mormons, hashtag flood the earth with truth.

Also for the past 7 days, David decided that he wasn't going to sleep longer than two hours at a time - day or night. Due to Jack and David sharing a room, we have rocked or nursed him to sleep since he was born and rushed to his side in the middle of the night when he cries so that he won't wake up Jack. As a result, we accidentally trained him to be a night crier and an incredibly needy baby and we are working hard to change that because our sanity depends on it! Three 2 hour naps at night with an hour break in between does not equal 6 hours of sleep!!!

I am now going to be one of those mommy bloggers and tell you about potty training - I HATE IT. That's all I got.

Potty training plus sleep depravation looks like this:
 photo IMG_5391_zps5a2e4fe7.jpg
If he wasn't running around naked, I let him choose his outfits.
 photo IMG_5542_zps06ff07f3.jpg
9 a.m. ice cream cone runs.
 photo IMG_5548_zps7c1f54de.jpg
Making "snowmen" while I'm nursing David.
 photo IMG_5597_zps6a2c575f.jpg
 photo IMG_5601_zps9fa13644.jpg
*Not pictured - David, because he is in trouble. 


#flashbackfriday aka catching up after a blogging break part 4

Two weeks after we moved to Iowa, my mom and Elizabeth and Isaac came to stay with us. It was so fun and so crazy! We did the water ski show, the John Deere Museum, the Family Museum, and the splash pad (that's about as epic and touristy as it gets in Davenport) and we also went to Nauvoo and Chicago.

Nauvoo Pictures:

 photo IMG_4446_zpsd3adeafd.jpg  photo IMG_4541_zps431ca7fc.jpg  photo IMG_4546_zps14882b59.jpg  photo IMG_5214_zps965fc4d7.jpg  photo IMG_4583_zps5cf68f74.jpg  photo IMG_4585_zps256539d4.jpg  photo IMG_4589_zps0c08f3f7.jpg  photo IMG_4593_zps7ba0a7fa.jpg  photo IMG_4598_zpscfc06fac.jpg  photo IMG_5219_zps8ea66356.jpg  photo IMG_4628_zpsefaa4546.jpg  photo IMG_1089_zps0f9c44f7.jpg  photo IMG_4629_zps764393ed.jpg  photo IMG_4633_zps4b898017.jpg  photo IMG_4638_zps31d27d22.jpg

Chicago Pictures:

Day 1: Driving with Elizabeth, Isaac, Jack and David is equivalent to driving with 3 toddlers and a baby... it's a nightmare!!!
 photo IMG_4781_zps45a9eb56.jpg
Gino's East Pizza
 photo IMG_4765_zpsf4b791b8.jpg
Garrett's Chicago Style Popcorn... Sooooo good!
 photo IMG_4767_zpsc2c9a486.jpg
 photo IMG_4826_zpsbd4e02c1.jpg
American Girl Doll Place
 photo IMG_5422_zpsf259cfa4.jpg
Walking along Michigan Avenue. Jack and David were sooooo tired. (I am loving those rolls on David's legs - my first baby with FAT!;)
 photo IMG_4773_zpsfb03b160.jpg
Day 2: Shed Aquarium
 photo IMG_5428_zpsc518bbfa.jpg
 photo IMG_5457_zpsee2bc69f.jpg
Don't be fooled by that cute smile - as soon as she touched the sting ray she had a freak attack!
 photo IMG_5440_zpsfe3fff0f.jpg
Jack loved dressing up as a penguin at the penguin playground
 photo IMG_4814_zps61d1af09.jpg
My mom couldn't not buy the picture... typical Elizabeth ;)
 photo IMG_4821_zpsf7e57307.jpg
We enjoyed our sack lunches overlooking the beautiful Chicago skyline
  photo IMG_4791_zpsf1013237.jpg
 photo IMG_5474_zpse7b5dacc.jpg
We drove by the place my mom and dad lived when they were first married and got Giordano's pizza for dinner. It was delish!
 photo IMG_5507_zps443f3b29.jpg
   photo IMG_4824_zpsaf9517bb.jpg     photo IMG_4823_zpsdb5a2646.jpg
We finished the night off in the crowded cloudy hotel pool
    photo IMG_5515_zps4054b403.jpg
 photo IMG_1096_zps7bb6a7bd.jpg
I was so sad when they left. I wish my family lived closer!!!!