Summer in Utah 2016 (basically a bajillion pics :)

We left for Utah two weeks ago on Friday afternoon and began our 18 hour drive through the night. Jack settled in with his tarantula book :) (His tarantula phase is KILLING ME! I can do sharks and turtles and snakes but please no more tarantulas! #boymom)
IMG 3877
It turns out that the middle of Wyoming isn't completely worthless! The sunrise was gorgeous!
IMG 0299
We arrived in Kaysville in the early afternoon on Saturday and Spencer's parents watched our kids while we took a much needed nap :)
On Sunday, we headed down to Holladay after church to visit my grandparents for dinner. Grandma Annie showed them baby turtles on her ipad and her sea shells. She sure knows the way to their hearts :)
IMG 3894
 IMG 3890
My grandparents are known for their snails around here and Jack and David were SO EXCITED to hunt for snails with their "snail grandparents" :)
IMG 3899
 IMG 3907
 IMG 3919
 Seriously, how cute is this "Snail Grandma"?!
IMG 3921
 They caught 153 snails this year! (A major record! They caught 25 snails last year)
IMG 3923
My grandparents sent us back to Kaysville with their Winnebago! Camping for 4 days in Bear Lake with a toddler and preschooler was a whole lot easier with it and we were so grateful that they offered it to us. Jack and David were in heaven!
IMG 3942
We left for Bear Lake on Monday morning but made a pit stop in Logan to visit our old stomping grounds. We cleaned my wedding ring, showed Jack and David the Logan temple and the house where we used to live, and ate at Fredrikos and Aggie Ice cream! Logan will always have a special place in our hearts :)
IMG 3950
4 1/2 years ago, I brought this baby from the hospital to this cute little home :) How has it been that long?!
IMG 3959
Two scoops when you just get Aggie Ice Cream every two years or so :) (Lemon custard and praline pecan) FYI I never order pralines and cream/praline pecan ice cream anywhere else but Aggie ice cream because praline pecan Aggie ice cream ruined all of the other praline pecan ice creams out there for me. It's like a completely different ice cream flavor - there is praline pecan ice cream and then there is praline pecan Aggie ice cream. If you've tried it before then you understand what I'm talking about ;)
IMG 3954
After Aggie Ice Cream we hit the road again for Bear Lake. I love the view as you come out of the canyon!
IMG 4185
As soon as we arrived, we headed out to Bloomington Lake to hike and go off the rope swing into the freezing glacier water! I used to go to Bear Lake/Bloomington Lake almost every summer as a kid with my cousins and it was fun to take Jack and David there for the first time. It's so beautiful!
IMG 3968
Spencer wins "Dad of the year" for wading in the freezing water to catch tadpoles!
IMG 3972
IMG 3978
Jack and David were almost too excited to sleep the first night in the Winnebago :)
IMG 4003
We spent the next three days fishing, boating, and playing on the beach with family. My brother-in-law's family has beach front property and we hung out there a lot. It was gorgeous!
IMG 4006
Jack looooooved fishing. My father-in-law took Spencer and the boys out fishing one day at the crack of dawn. (I passed on that trip ;) They spent 5 hours fishing and had no luck! Jack still had a blast and David fell asleep at 7:30 am and took a two and a half hour nap on Spencer's lap :)
IMG 0307

IMG 4107

IMG 4109
IMG 4110
Playing with cousins on the beach and at the cabin:
IMG 4132
 IMG 4138
How cute is my niece?!
IMG 4026
IMG 4028
IMG 4123
IMG 4136
IMG 4173
These three were born within six months of each other :)
IMG 4053
IMG 4062
IMG 4070
IMG 4079
IMG 4094
 IMG 0315
 IMG 0321
 IMG 4103
Jack and David played hard and slept hard! David fell asleep everywhere (as long as Spencer was holding him!)
IMG 4088
 Boating is exhausting :)
IMG 4101
Jack fished three times at Bear Lake and didn't catch a dang fish (grandpa caught one), but he said that his favorite part about Bear Lake was the fishing! He was so cute and patient and got pretty dang good at casting his fishing pole!
IMG 4172
IMG 4160
 If only you could hear her cute little voice yelling "fishy!" like the little girl on Finding Nemo :)
IMG 4151
 The KOA we stayed at was really nice! It had showers (my favorite part ;), a couple of playgrounds, a swimming pool, and a bouncy thing that was David's favorite!
IMG 4114
 IMG 4116
 IMG 4181
 We headed back to Kaysville on Thursday afternoon and met Spencer's extended family at the park for dinner. It was so good to see everyone (and Becca, why didn't we take pictures?!)
On Friday, we went to the Hogle Zoo with my in-laws and brother-in-law's family. We spent the most time at the reptile exhibit, thanks to Jack :) The part about the zoo that I used to skip is now his very favorite part.
IMG 4198
 IMG 4209
Jack reeeeeeally loved spending time with his cousins :)
IMG 4214
IMG 4225
Afterwards, we went swimming with my grandparents and with my cousins! (I forgot to take pictures again!) I didn't forget a picture of their gorgeous mountain though!
IMG 4196
Before we hit the road for home on Saturday, we stopped to visit Grandma Wirthlin and then headed fishing for the FOURTH time that week. We went to a fish farm to make sure that Jack caught a dang fish. They caught 5 fish in 10 minutes - now that's my kind of fishing! (if I have to fish at all ;)
IMG 4251
IMG 4252
IMG 4254
IMG 4284
I got a dirty diet coke for the drive home and it didn't disappoint!
IMG 4293
And Wyoming didn't disappoint either! They had a Costa Vida in the middle of nowhere!
IMG 4294
I loved my view driving at the crack of dawn on Sunday morning :)
IMG 4302
And that's a wrap! Good job if you made it through this incredibly long post :) We had a great time in Utah and wish that Iowa was closer!