What's Up Wednesday

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I'm linking up with Shay and Shaefer the last Wednesday of the month again for What's Up Wednesday!
What we're eating this week: 
It's finally time for comfort food! We're eating my favorite chicken pot pie, easy chicken enchilada soup, and I'm trying a few new recipes recommended by friends. (Fun fact: when I was in elementary school, frozen mini chicken pot pies were my favorite breakfast food with frozen burritos coming in a close second. I can barely stomach either of those now.)
What I'm reminiscing about:
 IMG 9844
Our beach trip to Seagrove Beach, Florida last week! We had such a fun and relaxing (as possible with two little kids) time! Full beach post ---------> here.
What I'm loving:
The Dollar Tree and the Dollar Spot at Target! On our way home from the beach, we stopped at our old  Dollar Tree in Homewood, AL and got some much needed cheap entertainment for the rest of the ride home and it had the best selection I've ever seen at a dollar store.
These CAT tractors were definitely a hit! (Except we can't call them tractors in front of Jack - it is an excavator, a digger, a bulldozer, and a dump truck - he corrects us every time :) He hasn't stopped playing with them.
 IMG 9808
I also bought these cute Nemo figurines to save for another desperate time - I'm beating myself up for not stocking up on all of the Disney figurines they had. They had the Frozen characters, the Mickey Mouse characters, and the Cars characters. I went to our Dollar Tree in Davenport as soon as we got home to buy some but they didn't have any of them at our location :(
 IMG 9822
I think the biggest hit of all were the spray bottles. Jack and David have spent HOURS this week outside "spraying" the bugs, "cleaning" the rocks, and "watering" the plants.
 IMG 9821
 David's outfit kills me :)
 IMG 9820
I LOVE the Dollar Spot at Target! My favorite finds were these pumpkins and this "BOO" banner.
 IMG 9806
 IMG 9805
I have been eyeing these Pottery Barn Kids' holiday plates but I just can't justify buying them when Target had a cute and much cheaper alternative. My mom gave us the plate on the top left a couple of years ago but I bought the other three this season. Jack and David love eating off of their "spooky plates" :)
IMG 9807
 IMG 9804
 IMG 9803
What we've been up to:
Preschool, park outings, story time at the library, and trying to fit in as many zoo trips as we can before the weather gets too cold!
I've mentioned this before, but turtles are Jack's very favorite. Turtles are the first thing he thanks God for in his prayers, and when we go to the library, he knows right where the turtle section is. I love my quirky turtle loving three-year-old!
 IMG 9819
There is a brand new baby monkey at our zoo right now! I love it!
 IMG 9815
 IMG 9816
 IMG 9817
What I'm dreading:
I can't think of anything I'm dreading off the top of my head and I'm thinking that's a good thing.
What I'm working on:
We've been working on building our food storage. This month, we bought some 7-gallon water storage jugs and updated our 72 hour kits with food that our kids will actually eat. We based ours kits loosely off of these milk jug 72 hour kits.
 IMG 9810
 IMG 9814
What I'm excited about:
The entire month of October! October may be my very favorite month of the year and having kids makes it even better. We put out our Halloween decorations this week and Jack has been asking every single day if it's Halloween yet :) I am no interior designer, but Halloween decorations make me happy! (And they are my weakness! I always end up buying more Halloween decoration every year.)
 IMG 9813
Frankenstein is Jack and David's favorite :)
 IMG 9812
 IMG 9811
What I'm watching/reading:
 IMG 9801
I seriously don't know why we were so slow jumping on the Parks and Rec bandwagon but WE LOVE IT! Spencer rarely laughs to tears but it happens about every other episode when we watch Parks and Rec :)
 IMG 9809
I read A Prayer for Owen Meany for book club and I really liked it! It is a story about a boy and his friend Owen Meany growing up together in a small town during the 1950s and 1960s. Owen believes he is an instrument in God's hands and the book is all about the boys' friendship and how Owen's life was all a part of God's plan. The movie, Simon Birch, was based loosely off of this novel, and now I want to watch it again!
 IMG 9826
This was my "guilty pleasure" book at the beach and I'm a little embarrassed to admit how much I liked it :)
Confession: I am not a fan of the Bachelor, but when I lived in Alabama, some friends from church got together every single week to watch the Bachelor or the Bachelorette. We might as well have announced over the pulpit every Sunday that Monday night was Bachelor Night ;) I went to girl's night just about every week and obviously got sucked into the Bachelor too! The only two seasons I've seen from start to finish are Emily's season (when Sean finished third) and Sean's season. Sometime during those seasons I found Sean's sister Shay's blog (that to this day it is one of my very favorite blogs) and I got totally sucked into their family and their lives! I started following Shay's blog, a few of her friend's blogs, her Instagram account, Sean and Catherine's Instagram account, and now I'm even linking up on her blog for "What's Up Wednesday" (and I should really stop typing now because I am starting to sound very pathetic and very creepy :) So thank goodness I don't like the Bachelor because there is a big possibility that every season I would get sucked into their family's blogs and Instagram accounts and that's just too big of a commitment for me ;)
So long story short, I really liked the book and I am surprised (but not really considering I have invested a lot of time cyber stalking this family;) that I would actually recommend it!
 IMG 9827
I read this book at the beach also because I had read and loved the same author's book, What Alice Forgot. This book was a good, quick read, but I didn't like it as much as What Alice Forgot and I probably wouldn't recommend it because there is too much adult material. 
What I've been listening to:
Voxer! Voxer is a voice messaging app that I love because I am able to have so many more "phone conversations" with friends. It's a lot more convenient than phone conversations though because you can just respond or listen when you have time. I usually catch up on conversations when I clean or drive in the car or listen to group conversations when I go running. You should get the app so we can talk :)
What I'm wearing: 
After reading Shay's blog on Friday, I convinced myself that I needed this shirt from Target! I plan on wearing it all month long!
 IMG 9818
What I'm doing this weekend:
Hanging out at home and watching General Conference. Who wants to bring me homemade cinnamon rolls?!
What I'm looking forward to next month:
All of the Fall and Halloween things!!!!
What's up with you?!
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Beach Trip


Back in May when Spencer officially graduated with his MBA/MSHA, we decided to celebrate with a beach trip. We found a killer deal for a week in September at our favorite beach (Seaside/Seagrove Beach) that our friends introduced us to when we lived in Alabama. The sand is white and the water is clear and blue and warm and gorgeous. We also really love the beach town - Seaside was were the Truman Show was filmed and I could ride my bike coveting/looking at all of the perfectly cute beach houses all day :) We got back from the beach this last Sunday and we had a blast! We loved visiting off-season because the crowds were gone, the weather was cooler (but still warm!), and it was a lot cheaper. It also miraculously didn't rain for the entire week! The weather was perfect.

We started the trip off with a miserable 18 hour drive with a pit stop in Birmingham. In Birmingham, we drove by our old apartment, we ate one of our favorite fast food places (Backyard Burger), we played at our favorite castle park, and we stalked up on Bluebell Ice Cream since it is only available in Texas and Alabama right now. They didn't have our very favorite (Butter Crunch) but we took what we could get!
 IMG 9887
 IMG 9886
 IMG 9885
We did the same exact thing every day at the beach with very few variations - we woke up before the crack of dawn, we watched the sunrise at the beach, we rode our bikes to the park in the morning, we played at the beach all day, we finished off our dinner with Bluebell Ice Cream cones, we put the boys down at 7, we watched a couple episodes of Parks and Rec, and we hit the sack by 8:30. It was amazing :)

The very first hour of the very first day on the beach, Spencer miraculously caught a fish with a toy net (and then Jack and David expected him to catch fish on demand for the rest of the trip... he never caught another one :) Jack was so happy to have the fish in a bucket, but then David "re-caught" the fish and set it free. (It was devastating and traumatic for Jack and probably for the fish too ;)
 IMG 9884
 IMG 9883
 IMG 9882
 IMG 9880
 IMG 9879
For a few days, the purple flag was up which meant "marine pest present". We weren't sure which pest they were talking about because we saw sea slugs, crabs, sting rays, shark (a lot of schools of six-inch sharks and two 3 foot shark (eek! We saw the bigger ones early one morning while we were walking on the beach).
Sea slugs
 IMG 9877
Sting Ray
 IMG 9862
Crabs (David was a little too daring!)
IMG 9854
"Crabbing" at night
 IMG 9855
Spencer also caught a really big crab and I couldn't get the boys to look up and smile for the life of me! haha
IMG 9831
 IMG 9829
 IMG 9832
 IMG 9851
 IMG 9828
I think the biggest marine pests were Jack and David though :) Jack loved EVERYTHING about the beach - digging in the sand, swimming in the waves, looking for seashells, chasing seagulls, crabbing... everything. David's favorite things were swimming in the swimming pool, eating food (ha!), chasing the seagulls, and touching all of the marine pests :)
 IMG 9868
 IMG 9875
 IMG 9874
 IMG 9849
 IMG 9867
 IMG 9866
 IMG 9841
 IMG 9876
 IMG 9864
 IMG 9863
 IMG 9835

David is a HUGE daddy's boy. If I ever held David or helped David, David would get mad and cry for Spencer. I really didn't complain about that ;)
 IMG 9823
Chasing seagulls while holding a toddler is a lot of work :)
 IMG 9834
 IMG 9873
The curls grew back, thank goodness!
 IMG 9872
 IMG 9833
 IMG 9837
 IMG 9836
Jack was my little seashell buddy. We would go out as the sun was rising and look for seashells and crabs :)
 IMG 9853
 IMG 9852
 IMG 9838
Wednesday was the only day we ventured out of our beach routine. We drove to Destin Harbor and went to a crab leg and sushi buffet. It was so good!
 IMG 9860
 IMG 9858
 IMG 9859
 IMG 9857
 IMG 9856
Jack was DISGUSTED that we were eating crab legs! haha
 IMG 9846
 IMG 9847
 IMG 9845
We got donuts one morning at one of our very favorite donut shops ever but I have to say, after trying Bosa donuts in Arizona, these just weren't as good as I remembered. #darnbosaruinedallotherdonutsforme
 IMG 9850
We literally had ice cream every. single. day. When the amazing Bluebell ice cream cones ran out, we went out to get some different ice cream!
 IMG 9878
 IMG 9825
Jack and David loved hanging out at our condo because of the balcony and because of Disney Jr. and Nick Jr. :)
 IMG 9824
 IMG 9843
I'm still not sure how I feel about my selfie stick yet... it's pretty awkward ;)
 IMG 9870
 IMG 9842
And now for the sunset portion of this blog post ;)
 IMG 9861
 IMG 9844
 IMG 9839
 IMG 9840
God is pretty awesome :)
Our drive back to Iowa was absolute hell but a price worth paying for a great week at the beach! I hope we can go back some day!
 IMG 9865
 IMG 9871
 IMG 9848