One of my favorite high school teacher's son is Dayton, who is featured in these Mormon Messages. My best friend, Katie, works with Dayton and was able to be at the triathlon to cheer them on. (I am blogging for her, because she is too stubborn to blog herself) 

It is such a sweet, inspirational story.

"This is another opportunity for Dayton to be a missionary and to touch so many people's lives."
     - Dayton's mom


Asian Annie

I am currently taking a class on bilingual education. The professor and I don’t exactly share the same views on many issues. As a result, I tend to comment/argue too often in class or completely tune him out as to avoid further comments/arguments. A few weeks ago, my professor asked me to stay after class. He informed me that he didn’t like my attitude and that it needed to change. I felt like I was in junior high again. So I have painfully tried extra hard these past couple of weeks to not comment/argue too much and to pay attention. I gave a presentation last night and I thought it went well. I even kept my opinions to a minimum.

But my professor stopped me after class again. What could I have possibly done this time?!? He told me that I did a good job on my presentation but asked me if I could do another presentation. "You bring an extra perspective to this class.” Meaning that I constantly oppose you and assist you in playing your devil’s advocate?  He continued, “You see, you have your mother from one culture and your father from another. I would love you to tell your experience growing up in this kind of environment.” Wait, what the random? What are you talking about?... Oh, oh, I get it.

“Actually professor, I am not Asian. Sorry.” 
(See further explanation of my non-Asianness here)

A very embarrassed professor excused me from class.

And I went home without an extra-credit opportunity because I wasn’t half-Asian. 

Dang it. I should have faked it.