Life Lately

We love play dates with our neighbors and Jack's friends from school!
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On Friday, I was sick so it seemed like a good day to have a lazy day. We dragged a mattress out into the living room, watched Christmas movies, and had our traditional sleepover by the Christmas tree.
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I've watched While You Were Sleeping more than any movie but this weekend was the first time I noticed that Lucy had the same sheets that I had growing up ;)
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By Saturday night, I thought I was feeling better so we got hot chocolate, drove around to see Christmas lights, and walked around the Riparian Preserve for the Riparian After Dark event. This is a picture of us pretending to have fun because Jack and I lost steam really fast and we ended up bailing after 10 minutes and going home!
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On Sunday, I was feeling better, but Jack wasn't :( We kept our mattress out all weekend and Jack fell asleep through all of our noise, a sure sign that he wasn't feeling 100 percent.
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By that evening, Jack seemed to be feeling better but Spencer wasn't feeling too great. In order to give Spencer some space (because David is obsessed with Spencer and won't leave him alone when he's home) I took the kids out to see more Christmas lights while Spencer barfed his guts out in peace and quiet. We found a cul-de-sac that was doing free train rides and a "Walk through Bethlehem." I love that my boys were perfectly fine in t-shirts, shorts and flip flops. Christmas in Arizona is the best :)
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After the boys went to sleep, Jack woke up and projectile peanut-butter-vomited all over everything BUT the barf bowl, including David, then fell back to sleep 😩🤦🏼‍♀️ I had to wake them up, bathe them, and scrape chunks of vomit off their clothes, sheets and pillows before washing and changing the sheets. I was feeling sorry for myself until I remembered that Spencer’s cousin’s sweet baby passed away last night. I don’t know them well, nor can I begin to imagine their grief, but with them in mind, I began scraping chunks of barf with love and gratitude in my heart and with a prayer for a family who had to say goodbye to their baby much too soon. Life can change so quickly and so drastically and I’m so grateful for my family, barf and all. 
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(I haven't enjoyed a peanut butter sandwich since Jack was 18 months old or so. His throw up always smells peanut-butter-sandwichy since that is a staple in his diet and now the smell of peanut butter sandwiches just remind me of throw up! haha) Also, I don't understand how my kids act fine during the day but almost always throw up in the night?!
Monday was a recovery day of all of us. David's morning hair was pretty awesome!

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I think we are in the clear now and hoping for a better week and weekend!
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Family Pics

We got our family pictures taken last month by my friend, Elizabeth Lawlor, and she did such an amazing job! I usually feel lucky if we get one decent family picture but she got so many good ones! I sure love this family of mine! (I'm now going to post aaaaallllll of the pictures because I print out my blog so #sorrynotsorry)
 IMG 7793
 IMG 7792
Hall fam 0002
Hall fam 0003
Hall fam 0004
Hall fam 0005
Hall fam 0006
Hall fam 0007
Hall fam 0008
Hall fam 0009
Hall fam 0010
Hall fam 0011
Hall fam 0012
Hall fam 0013
Hall fam 0014
Hall fam 0015
Hall fam 0016
Hall fam 0017
Hall fam 0018
Hall fam 0019
Hall fam 0020
Hall fam 0021
Hall fam 0022
Hall fam 0023
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Hall fam 0026
Hall fam 0025
Hall fam 0027
Hall fam 0028
Hall fam 0029
Hall fam 0030
Hall fam 0031
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Life lately

Jack's birthday celebrations seemed to never end this year! His birthday was on Monday the 27th and we went to Urban Jungle after school and then Pizza Pie Cafe for dinner. He was too tired for ice cream (he doesn't like cake) so we went out for ice cream the following evening. He came home from school with a birthday hat and was so excited :)
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 Kate loved Urban Jungle too :)
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 We also played at the park with friends and he somehow convinced everyone at the park to stop playing and help him dig in his new fossil kit :)
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The fossil digging went on into the night :)
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On Saturday we had his birthday party. He had a "fossil" party and he has been talking about it for the last six months, I swear! We made fossils, dug for fossils, went on a dino egg hunt, played pass the dino, and ate pizza and "fossil" sugar cookies. Birthday parties are so much easier when the weather is nice! I'm so excited about all of our winter birthdays in our family now that we live in Arizona!
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I was super creative with my decorating ;)
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 Dino dig
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Later that day, it got up to 84 degrees! It was HOT and our neighbors stayed and swam in our tiny play pool :) Gotta love Arizona winters!!!
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IMG 8557
Other things we've been up to:
  • Jack was awarded student of the month last Friday! I got an email from his teacher saying that he was going to be honored in front of the school and that I was invited to go watch but I forgot to go!!! #motheroftheyear. I'm pretty sure he's not scarred from me missing it but I sure am! I had a pit in my stomach the rest of the day! My friend was there and must have noticed my mom fail and took pictures for me. I'm so grateful :)
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Another mom fail worth noting - I got a babysitter to go to Jack's first turkey trot but was late and missed the entire run!!! Thankfully they had a few activities afterwards that I stayed for and thankfully Jack didn't care... but I'm just sad I missed it!!!
Jack insisted that I take a picture of him with his P.E. teacher dressed as a turkey :) I'm such a good "Instagram mom" ;)
IMG 7866
  • We put our Christmas decorations up! Jack was totally into putting all of the ornaments on the Christmas tree but David just danced and did hand stands to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra the entire time :)
IMG 8594
This picture made me realize how bad we need to either buy a fresh tree next year or upgrade to a larger tree :)
 IMG 8598
 I covet pottery barn kid's seasonal Halloween and Christmas plates and cups every year (they change designs every year) and I finally splurged on the Christmas ones this year because they were so dang cute! #noregrets
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  • Play dates! Having friends next door and great friends from school to play with has been such a life savor! Jack went with his friends to Legoland Discovery for a play date last week, the lucky kid!!
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Free bahama bucks yesterday!
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  • Hanging out with Kate. It's hard to feel very productive with a baby so it's a good thing she's cute! :)
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My favorite thing that David said this week when at the park with friends. "Jack are we gonna play or just talk about fossils?" haha #amen
My wonderful $3 Chinese shoes got an instagram shout out last month when they broke but I realized I never declared my love for them on my blog so here it goes:

R.I.P. to my irreplaceable, most comfortable and most favorite pair of sandals ever. I got them NINE years ago in China for TWO American dollars and I have worn them almost every day of every summer ever since. They have walked miles with me in Disney World, Chicago, New Orleans, Disneyland and at beaches in Florida and California, and I was beginning to think after nine years that they were indestructible!
 IMG 7852
 I bought a new pair of sandals in gold leather that I really love, and I'm hoping they will stand the test of time and the test of Disneyland like my other sandals did but we shall see... they were 45 times more expensive than my last sandals which is a little depressing to think about ;)