I have been counting down the days for David to turn one as if that was the magic number that would suddenly make my life easier and... WE MADE IT!!! He's one!!! It's all coasting from here on out! ;)

I expected the transition from one to two kids to come natural for me, and it totally didn't - I've never felt so exhausted and overwhelmed and anxious as I have in this last year and I think God had a lot he wanted to teach me about grace when he sent David to me - God's grace is sufficient. He helps me with what I can do and does what I cannot. I am doing my best and that is enough through His enabling power.

Last night, I quietly checked on David before I went to bed like I always do. I kissed him, tucked him back in his blankets, whispered my love, and just stared in wonder at my miraculous baby. There is something about an angelic sleeping baby that puts life in perspective - it's been a hard and exhausting year, but also a year of so much love and grace and happiness and joy. Life is good!

I remember holding David for the first time and the excitement that commenced - introducing Jack to his new brother, stressfully trying to keep up with Spencer's phone conversations and gender announcements while simultaneously listening to the nurse's instructions; texting friends and family while nursing and diapering and teaching Jack to be soft and being monitored by nurses and doctors constantly. Then the sun went down, my family went home, the hospital quieted, and for the first time my hospital room was still. It was just me and my baby. I kissed him, snuggled him, stared at him, sang to him, and counted all of his fingers and toes and steady breaths. I prayed for him and thanked God for sending me this brave, baby boy. I told David about this beautiful messy life and he taught me about heaven - and heaven never felt so close.

Happy Birthday David boy! I love you!

 photo 1e2f36fd-9a04-4b0a-945c-d87c3e2601bd_zpswvmmeecc.jpg


Chick-fil-A is awesome, Flashback Friday and my grandma is on Instagram!!!

We had a rough start to our week. On Monday morning we went grocery shopping, and while I was talking to my mom on the phone while getting David out of the carseat I heard a man yell, "Ma'am, your son is rolling down the hill in the grocery cart!" Jack rolled about 10 parking spaces before he ran into a parked car that stopped him :/ (Luckily both he and the car we unharmed!) I was surprised that he didn't yell for me when he started to roll away - instead he was dead silent and had a look of terror in his eyes! I thanked the man for telling me, he gave me the dirtiest look ever, then I went to redeem myself by buying Jack ice cream for breakfast :)
 photo IMG_2395_zpshadwsvko.jpg
We went to Chick-fil-A and they gave us the ice cream cone for free, plus a little bowl of ice cream for David! Now that is customer service!
 photo IMG_2396_zpssm8yuvdl.jpg
David ate his ice cream, plus finished off Jack's :) Almost-one-year-olds are totally allowed to have ice cream, right?!
 photo IMG_2403_zpsr1lwhhjy.jpg
My Aunt was going through boxes and found these gems:
Christmas Eve during the glory days:
 photo IMG_2446_zpszrlncpno.jpg
My mom in her prime (ha!):
 photo IMG_2444_zps8hz8tiqg.jpg
When my brother James was in elementary school, almost every girl in his class had a crush on him. Can you blame them?!
 photo IMG_2445_zpszm1poo00.jpg
When I was in 7th grade, I thought I was so cute. Truly I did. I loved how I color coordinated my braces for each holiday and I loved my short hair. This picture is proof that I was delusional. At least I had high self esteem? haha
 photo IMG_2386_zpsiiagzrxf.jpg
Activity of the week: went to the mall across the river with with a friend to check out their new children's play place. It seems like the Quad Cities has a hard time branching out of the tractor/farm theme, but that is perfectly fine by Jack!
 photo IMG_2416_zps5o40azfe.jpg
I found out that Bob from the Biggest Loser is also doing the Whole30 so now I feel pretty cool. I love Bob!

 photo IMG_2427_zpsilqpb1pw.png
And the biggest news of all - My grandma got an Instagram account! (she sometimes goes by Grandma Annie because when I was little, I called her Grandma Annie since my other grandma was Grandma Wirthlin - a grandma for each of my names. Totally makes sense. And it also conveniently worked because my grandma's first name is Annette.)

 photo IMG_2408_zpsckzcc2og.png
Then she posted and we were all so proud and surprised! Was it an accident or one of those artistic curling-in-bed-reading-a-book posts??? (total accident)

 photo IMG_2426_zps1vym7ryl.png
Group text with my mom, aunt, brother, and cousins:

 photo IMG_2432_zpso6uouw3l.png
(Background to why she would post WTF - My grandparents are the most hardcore Aggies ever and they hate BYU with every fiber of their beings. My grandpa swears that his car will never drive south of the Point of the Mountain so dropping James of at BYU was a BIG DEAL! ;)

I put in my time supplying my mother with my facebook password, so now it is my brother's turn:

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 photo IMG_2434_zpsya7x2b81.jpg


Tractors, Whole30 and Cholinergic Urticaria

The last week we were in Arizona, Jack asked every single day if we could go to the "tractor museum" aka the John Deere Pavilion, so that was the first thing we did when we got home.
 photo IMG_2331_zpse4e65b9e.jpg
 photo IMG_2327_zps70e8cd69.jpg

I am pleased to announce that David has been sleeping through the night for about three weeks now! (Minus last night) I am so grateful!!! I truly am not sure how he sleeps through the night though because we find him in crazy positions like this every night:
 photo IMG_2335_zps8b78b53c.jpg
I wish Jack would teach him the curl-into-fetal-position-bum-in-the-air magic sleep move that had Jack sleeping though the night at two months :) Long explanation - My friend Rachel gave me this book for Christmas and I desperately read the entire book in two days... we tried Baby Wise, gradual extinction, waking him up to nurse again before I went to bed, weaning him at night and nothing was working for David - THIS BOOK WORKED! The trick with him was to put him to bed WAY EARLY (around 6 - 6:30) and make him cry it out forever. It took about for or five miserable nights but he finally figured out how to sleep! (KNOCK ON WOOD!!!!) He still wakes up between 4:30 or 5 to nurse but then goes back to bed which is way more manageable than the 2-3 times he was waking up before.
 photo IMG_2351_zpse6d6bd38.jpg
Jack is no longer a vegetarian! For the past two months, he will eat "french fry balls" but NOT chicken nuggets :) I probably shouldn't be so happy that my child is eating processed unhealthy chicken but I am anyways :)
 photo IMG_1364_zps1e782b46.jpg
Spencer and I started the Whole30 challenge last week - no grains, dairy, legumes, and sugar. That leaves meat, eggs, veggies, fruit and good fats from oils, nuts and seeds. We decided to do it to recover from the holidays and also because we liked that weight loss wasn't the main focus and that we can eat whenever we are hungry. Spencer has had stomach issues his entire life so he wants to see what foods he has intolerances to. I have had mild eczema on my eyelids for the past three years that has really flared up these last few months and I want to see if my diet is effecting it. I hate the cost of groceries this month and I hate the amount of prep that goes into it but I love the way I feel... except when I feel like I could really use a quick carb fix from grains to help with nursing and running and the moments where I think I would kill someone for a cookie or chocolate covered cinnamon bears! David loves our Whole 30 food, too. It is so nice to have a kid that will eat what we eat and actually sit in a high chair!
 photo IMG_2353_zps4253200b.jpg
The most annoying quirk/phase of Jack's life - wanting to feed me ever me every. single. meal. I hate hate hate it. When I'm hangry, the last thing I want is a three year old controlling the pace and bite that goes into my mouth. He saves the veggies for last!!!!! Gaaaaahhhh!!!!
 photo IMG_2345_zpsee5c49d5.jpg
We are trying to keep busy this winter so that we all stay sane. I hate bundling my kids up every time we leave the house but I sure love looking back and seeing this eskimo face:
  photo IMG_2092_zps708e4d70.jpg
We went to the Figge Art museum downtown for the first time last week and it was a successful outing.
  photo IMG_2369_zps57a14a90.jpg  photo IMG_2373_zpsa8492a40.jpg
Our community participates in the Dolly Parton Imagination Library. Once you register your kids (ages 5 and under) they are mailed a free book every single month, regardless of family income. We already have quite a collection of Imagination Library books and Jack loves checking the mail every day to see if his present has come :) They are cute books and high quality! We love it!
 photo IMG_2384_zps25b41b9f.jpg
I don't think I have ever mentioned this on my blog, but I break out into hives whenever I workout. It first started in Alabama, so I thought I was just allergic to Alabama, but when we moved to Iowa, I still would break out into hives and I realized that I get hives when I workout both outside and inside. After three years of this, asking friends who are really involved in the running community, two doctors and two dermatologists, I was finally diagnosed with Cholinergic Urticaria - I am hypersensitive to my own sweat. I didn't even know that was a thing! I will probably always have to deal with it but the good thing is that the hives always go away after I shower and cool down my body, and while it is itchy and annoying, I can live with it. There is also some medicine that my dermatologist said that I could try but I can't try it while nursing.

The End.


Stuff we did in AZ

  • We roasted marshmallows in the backyard 
 photo IMG_1866_zps9d107ee0.jpg
Barefoot and shirtless in December is the way to go in Arizona according to my brother!

 photo IMG_1871_zpsaf44942a.jpg
  • We hiked! Camelback Mountain and the Windcaves with my family minus Elizabeth and my dad. I was surprised at how much both Jack and David loved it. I can't wait for it to warm up so that we can hike the... farms here :)
 photo IMG_1765_zpse1f2dc96.jpg
 photo IMG_1830_zps2ad2d172.jpg
 photo IMG_7074_zps7f947b1d.jpg
 photo IMG_7076_zps41898bda.jpg
 photo IMG_7102_zps792f164a.jpg
 photo IMG_1834_2_zps367183cd.jpg
  • We ate my favorite food/drink in the whole wide world at my favorite boba place in the whole wide world! I now like the strawberry coconut flavor better than chocolate coconut, fyi. 
 photo IMG_1701_2_zpscd956cc8.jpg
Jack did not like the black boba balls in his drink and I've never been so disappointed in him.
 photo IMG_1845_zps9b0200ac.jpg
  • We shopped at Last Chance. Nordstrom clothing that is 80 percent off is the best.
 photo IMG_1698_zps2c539557.jpg
  • We rang in the New Year with my grandparents and cousins from California. (My grandparents gave Jack and David awesome Utah State sweat shirts for Christmas. GO AGGIES!)
My grandma is more flexible than I am
 photo IMG_1139_zps8773c487.jpg
See, the most flexible thing I can do is sit in a very awkward and weird looking position for a picture. 
 photo IMG_7049_zpsbef79fe8.jpg
 photo IMG_7050_zpsfc3b79a9.jpg
 photo IMG_1924_zpsa4fc0933.jpg
When we were younger and had family reunions at the beach together, we played the card game "scum" every single night. We brought it back on NYE.
 photo IMG_1748_zps9d3179de.jpg
Last selfie of 2014. I am so proud of it:
 photo IMG_1745_2_zps33dbd3d5.jpg
Spencer, James and I all jumped in the pool at midnight, then watched fireworks from inside. (Don't worry, we weren't burning down the Christmas tree, it's just the reflection.)
 photo IMG_1754_zps3485c901.jpg
 photo IMG_1753_zps4309221e.jpg
And I started the year off right with my first breakfast of 2015 - peppermint ice cream with an oreo crust. YUM!
 photo IMG_1762_zpsf4a14d38.jpg
  • We went to Bahama Bucks! James' Christmas gift to us was a Bahama Bucks gift certificate. Love that place.
 photo IMG_1743_zpsc5da8305.jpg
  • We saw the movies Annie and Unbroken and loved them both! I never want to see Annie again thought because it takes a full two weeks to get the songs out of my head.
 photo IMG_1757_zps85e061c8.jpg
  • We went to the Gilbert Temple. I still can't believe that Gilbert has a temple. It is so beautiful!
 photo IMG_1740_zps1ba16d3b.jpg
  • David ate his "pre" birthday cake and he loved it! 
 photo IMG_1854_zpsdf35c606.jpg
 photo IMG_1858_zps149b53e3.jpg
  • We went to the zoo, of course!
 photo IMG_1878_zps9a4afeda.jpg
  • And the park a few times. Man, I love Arizona weather in December!
 photo IMG_1886_zpsa535f7c5.jpg
 photo IMG_7131_zps2aee7ddc.jpg
The flight home from Arizona was a nightmare. Spencer went home before me because I decided that flying by myself with both kids was worth staying in the warm weather and with my family a little longer... AND IT WAS!!!!.... I think :)
I got to the airport, checked through security with both kids and with their bulky double stroller and with three carry on bags, waited to get on our delayed plane, got on the plane, sat on the plane for an hour and nursed David on the plane next to a rather large man. Then we were told to get off the plane! We had to wait for two plus hours to see if they could fix the maintenance issue and it turned out they couldn't so our flight was canceled. Then we had to wait another hour or so for our luggage to get off the plane. 8 1/2 hours spent at the airport for nothing! It was so awful. God sent me an angel to help me though - Ellen carried David and a backpack off the plane, played with Jack while I chased David, watched my kids while I went to the bathroom, and made sure I got dinner before the gift shop closed.
 photo IMG_2027_zps9dac0abc.jpg
 photo IMG_2031_zps08c064fa.jpg
 photo IMG_2042_zpse3f6689f.jpg
 photo IMG_2048_zps532e6126.jpg
 photo IMG_2046_zps66111178.jpg
David was SO DONE by the end of the first day.
 photo IMG_2045_zpscaf30182.jpg
They both fell asleep within two minutes of getting into my mom's car.
 photo IMG_2050_zps5c8433f7.jpg
The next day we had to be at the airport at 5 am (!!!) and it went a lot smoother - it was a regular kind of hard flight with two kids, unlike the day before :) It wouldn't have been as smooth without the whole flight of people basically helping me - by the end of the second day I'm pretty sure every single person on the plane knew my kids names!
 photo IMG_2072_zps7fbe61d0.jpg
Jack REALLY liked talking to the 22 year old guy behind us (I know he was 22 because Jack asked him how old he was about 50 times :). That kind young man let Jack talk his ear off and answered all of Jack's questions for about an hour and he was so nice! I am so grateful.
 photo IMG_2069_zps66488f80.jpg
There is nothing like two days of flying to get you excited to get to your zero degree home! We had such a great time in Arizona and are so grateful that we got to go!