Things I'm Loving

  • Celebrating Father's Day. I love my dad and Spencer more than words can say :)

  • Our trail from our house that leads to the canal. Last Sunday it wasn't too hot to go for a walk, so we hunted for seashells and pokemon on our walk ;) I'm a little bummed that Jack is so passionate about anime, but at least Pokemon Go will get him out of the house :)

  • Our next door neighbors! The neighbor kids are the exact same ages as ours and Jack and David love playing with them. They have a snake, Pokemon cards, and a cool blow up swimming pool and the other day David told me, "Mom, Madden's house is better than our house." We can't compete :)

  • Splash pads and swimming at friend's houses! (We went to the splash pad earlier in the week when the weather wasn't as hot but now that the temps are in the triple digits again, I don't think we will make it to the splash pad again until the fall!)

  • Storytime at Barnes and Noble. On Thursday, we were desperate to get out of the house for a quick activity and the storytime there was cute! They read a story, did a craft, ate a cookie, then played at the train table afterwards.

  • Kate, who is winning the "best baby" award. She sleeps 6-8 hours straight in the night and just goes with the flow during the day and hardly ever cries. On Tuesday during Jack and David's soccer skills class at the rec center, I wore work out clothes just in case Kate would cooperate and let me run on the treadmill and she did. She watched me run for the first mile and fell asleep during the second mile. It was a miracle.

More Kate pics:



  • Kate's room! We were given some adorable furniture that used to be my grandparents (not pictured but that cute carriage was my grandma's) and honestly, I'm just grateful she has her own room. It was so hard having Jack and David share a room the first year of David's life.

  • David's bed head :) We have finally accepted that David is just not going to sleep through the night in his own bed until he's a teenager probably ;) He always makes his way to our bed in the middle of the night and since he is always on Spencer's side of the bed, I don't mind waking up to this sweet face ;)


  • Prehistoric Preschool. When I saw this dinosaur summer camp offered at the Natural History Museum in Mesa I couldn't NOT sign Jack up. He LOVED it!

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