Jack starts Kindergarten

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I asked Jack last week if he was ready to start kindergarten and he loudly exclaimed, "YOU BET I AM!!!!" And he really is. (I'm not sure if I am, but we found a school that offers half day kindergarten which has helped my aching heart a bit :) Last night, Jack kept telling us, "I need to go to bed! I've got a BIG day tomorrow!" And it was a big day!

Jack was an infant when my brother, James, left for his mission. During that time, my mom often called to check up on me and Jack and at the end of almost every phone call she would jokingly and sometimes seriously say, "Start preparing to say goodbye to Jack now! Hold on to him tight! Savor every minute. You will have to let him go sooner than you think!" Today, I had to let a little bit of him go. Kindergarten came too soon.

Jack walked into his classroom today as confident and as excited as could be, and I held back tears as we hugged and kissed goodbye and exchanged two big thumbs ups. As I drove home, I thanked God for these wonderful, five-and-a-half years where I got to spent nearly 100 percent of my time with my sweet Jack. It was such a short glimpse of time, and such a gift.
When I picked Jack up from school, he said, "That was really fun! I didn't even miss you, cuz that was really fun! And I didn't even have to put my hand on my cheek because I was totally fine!!!"

(from the book, The Kissing Hand. Basically, you kiss each other's hands before they go to school and if you miss each other, you put your hand on your cheek so it's like getting a kiss.)

Man, I love that boy who doesn't even miss me at school ;)

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