Things I'm Loving

  • Visitors! My mom and sister, Elizabeth, came to visit for Elizabeth's 16th birthday! I'm not sure if I will ever get over how strange it is that they are visiting me in Arizona. #howdidthishappen???
We ate yummy Mexican food, partied with Elizabeth (well, she mostly partied with her friends without us ;), went to Urban Jungle, and my mom watched the kids while Spencer and I went on a date.
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 Jack and David LOVED swimming at Elizabeth's friend's house because they had a waterfall and an alligator ;)
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Jack and David played hard at Urban Jungle while other people slept ;)
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Nana is the best!
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First date since Kate!
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  • My new job at Lifetime Fitness (or at least the perks of my new job;) #workingfortheperks #highschooljob4life ;) I haven't started working yet, but we got our complimentary membership last week and have basically LIVED there this week. I love the classes, the kids love the Kids Academy, and we especially love the outdoor pool. We dropped Kate off at the Kids Academy three times this week while the rest of us swam. Jack and David both passed the 25 meter swim test so that they could go down the slides! I was expecting Jack to pass, but David shocked me. Nothing like an older brother and slides to motivate him to swim a lap all by himself!
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  •  Monsoons! I'm not sure there is anything more magical (besides Disneyland ;) than an Arizona monsoon, and it might be my favorite smell in the world.
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  • Bahama Bucks! Not-so-fun-fact: I craved Bahama Bucks my entire pregnancy with Kate but they didn't even have a cheap snow cone shack in the Quad Cities. We will be making up for it now.
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  •  This cute little bum
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  • Jack's excitement in helping Spencer mow the lawn.
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  •  David sharing a pillow with Spencer at night. (It doesn't bug me since we're in a king size bed, but David has learned through experience that if he touches me at night, he goes straight back to his bed!) I don't think I will ever stop taking pictures of this. I can't believe Spencer can sleep through this! haha
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  • Tractor riding and trips to the park (even though it's still over 100 degrees)
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Best park quotes from David:
When showing us a trick on the playground - "This trick I'm about to do is too hard for grownups and too hard for little kids. But it's not to hard for three-and-a-half-year-olds."
And after picking up a piece of dog poop and throwing it across the green belt (whyyyyy?!!!!) Spencer made him go home and wash his hands. When I asked him what was on his hands he said, "Poop. Pig poop."
  • These three. I think I may still be in the honeymoon phase of living in Arizona, but we've had such a happy three months. I've been joking with Spencer lately that we've made it - I'm living in my dream location, with my dream car (a minivan ;) and my dream people! But in all seriousness, I love this little family of mine and my heart is so full.
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The thing I'm not loving:
  • David's independent wiping. Not pictured: the 2 inches of poo water on the bathroom floor after he flushed.
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As always, here's the Kate photo dump:

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She started on the blanket on her back and ended up there. She's going to be crawling before we know it!
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